What Type of Marquee Lining Should You Choose


One of the best ways to plan an outdoor event is to hire a marquee for the festivities. This type of tent makes it easy to pick a location and therefore reduces the costs involved with an event or celebration. However, if you are going to set up this type of structure, you may also need to consider the type of lining you will use.

Marquee Linings: Making a Choice

While white linings for marquees are naturally chosen for weddings or corporate-type functions, black linings are often featured for birthday events or themed parties. The black lining looks great when it is offset with special-effect-type lights.

Use Swags and Drapes for Colour Accents

When you use a lining, you can definitely make over a marquee space or permanent structure. The linings, whether they are used during the day or night, add atmosphere to any space. When it comes to picking a liner, you can choose from flat, ruched, or pleated finishes. Colour accents can also be added with the inclusion of swags or drapes.

If a marquee lining is used for a marquee hire in Melbourne eastern suburbs, it can also be tailored without decorative accents. In this case, the addition of the lining gives a structure a clean and stylish appearance.

Starlight Illumination

Like a clear span marquee frame, linings come in modular styles and are available in various widths. Again, you can choose from a variety of drapes and swags for added personalisation. If you want to create some sparkle for your event, why not include a starlight ceiling in your hired marquee? Use white or blue LED starlights to create this type of magical illumination on the marquee’s lining and roof.

A Lining Can Make a Major Difference

If you want to take your event or celebration to the next level, you need to consider including a marquee lining in your marquee, or using the lining in a permanent structure. When you see how a lining can convert the looks of a space, you will definitely want to include this accessory in your themed event, corporate function, or wedding.

What about the Furnishings?

The lining is just one decorative accessory that will give your marquee added appeal. You also need to make sure you choose the right furnishings. That means you need to make sure you select the right chairs and/or tables for your event. In addition, dance floors are featured that can be incorporated into your marquee as well.

Other Lighting Options

Besides using LED starlights for your party or celebration, you need to consider other forms of illumination. Lighting options come in the form of strip lights, neon lights, chandeliers, and outdoor lighting hardware. If you are holding a fête in a garden area, you may even want to consider the use of flame torches to light the way.

Setting up a marquee for a celebration enables you to personalise your event décor according to your preferences. Indeed, this type of decorating can be fun, especially if you use a marquee and party hire company to help you with your selections.

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