Things to Think About When Putting in a Cold Room


Refrigerators play a valuable part in the kitchen, keeping food nutritious and safe. Commercial kitchens need their food to be stored in top-quality cool conditions.

Cold storage rooms are fantastic additions to a commercial kitchen. Not only do they keep your food at low temperatures for a long time, but they can be specially designed to answer your storage needs.

Here are some considerations to bear in mind before investing in a cold storage room.

Have an Idea of What You Want

A cold room is a significant outlay, so be sure about your requirements and needs in advance. Examine your business and guess at your storage capacity. It will waste money to install a cold storage room that is too large.

Deciding Your Specifications

Your cold storage room should harmonise with the operational requirements of your business. When investigating freezer rooms, you should explain to the supplier which food products you plan to store. It will help them to find a cold storage room for you which has all the functionality you need to operate an efficient kitchen. You both need to be absolutely clear about which specification is required.

Where to Put the Cold Storage Room

You need to choose the location of the cold room very carefully, as somewhere inappropriate can adversely affect the functionality of your kitchen business.

Ensure that the cold storage area doesn’t take up all the room in the kitchen. Freezer rooms are usually housed near loading bays or back yards, as commercial kitchens are not particularly large. Being located near loading bays means that food can be stored the instant the supplier drops it off – staying nutritious and fresh.


Commercial kitchens need to make the most out of the storage capacity a cold storage room offers. Create different zones and install shelving, which will make it much easier to complete an inventory.

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Always bear in mind how your business might grow in future. Think about how the evolution of your firm may affect the freezer room sooner rather than later, since choosing a cold storage room which is too small will cost you a lot to amend in the future.

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