How can VoIP boost my sales team’s performance?


Switching to VoIP has many benefits for business, including lower costs and greater flexibility. But for some parts of the organisation, it can can have a bigger impact than for others. Sales teams, in particular, can benefit from the advantages that VoIP offers.

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Flexible locations

Sales staff, by the nature of their job, often spend a lot of time out of the office. The job is all about building relationships with clients and that often needs face-to-face contact. The problem with this, of course, is that your phone is still in the office, and even if you give customers a mobile number, it can be frustrating for them to have to try different numbers in order to reach you.

VoIP does away with this problem, by making it possible for your calls to just one number to reach you wherever you are. This process is transparent to the user and doesn’t cost them any more. It works both ways too, because you can make calls from your business number anywhere that you have an internet connection. This helps to cut mobile phone bills and presents a more professional image for the business.

Integrating systems

Another advantage of using wholesale az VoIP termination for your voice calls is that it’s easier to integrate with IT systems. The system can identify an incoming call as a known customer and open up the appropriate page on a CRM or ERP system on the sales person’s screen, so they have all the details of the account to hand, without needing to search for files. Sales people can also initiate a call from within a program such as Salesforce without needing to navigate away from the page or dial the number separately.

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A further benefit to be gained from wholesale az VoIP termination is the ability to make conference calls easily. If you have a distributed sales team, you can get them together regularly for virtual meetings, without the need for them to travel to an office. This not only saves on travel costs, but it also allows them to spend more time doing their core job of selling.

You can have group mailboxes for voicemail too, so if a particular staff member is on holiday or off sick, another member of the team can pick up any urgent queries arising on their accounts.

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