The role of Behavioural Capabilities in Your Business


If you want your business to grow, you have to make sure that it has the ingredients that are needed. You cannot accept the business to flourish on the basis of skills alone. There has to be an attitude and behaviour in your employees that determine the overall growth.  Maybe in the past this aspect was not given much attention, but today, since the competition is touching heights, behaviour is playing a crucial role.

 It might even shock you that behavioural competencies are much more important than the functional job competencies. Companies that do leverage behaviour competencies form cultures of performance and victory.  Being the owner of the business or in the recruitment team, it would be your responsibility to examine the behaviour of the candidates before you recruit them. A well-executed recruiting process that balances skills, knowledge and behaviours will end up in more successful hires. Once you have the employees who have skills and effective behaviour both, it would be a win-win situation for your business.

You know what; you might not be the first small firm or business to wonder what these competencies are and what type of relevance they could possibly have in your working. But before you deter them as human resource psychobabble it would be worth taking a closer look at them and how these can influence your workplace.

What are these competencies?

In a nutshell, behavioural capabilities can be determined as the strengths of the people in a business setting. Your employees and staff members are going to have different behaviours or skills, behavioural strengths in case you like that can be used to forecast future workplace success.  You might already be looking at the behavioural capabilities of your staff members without even realising it.  For example, when you do recruitment of someone you generally draw up a list of needed qualities you would like them to possess such as great customer-facing skills or analytical reasoning skills. Specific competencies are going to be more important in some designations than in others. In case you have sales consultants, then there a wonderful telephone manner may be much important than strong organisational skills that might be helpful for somebody in a personal assistant role.

If you are a small business, it would be little difficult to track these competencies because there is no unshakable method of measuring them. These are not quite as palpable as targets, for example, however, these play a vital role in workforce planning, hiring, training and development.

There are dissections in behavioural capabilities

These competencies fall into different categories like individual competencies, motivational competencies, interpersonal competencies, analytical competencies and managerial competencies.

  • Talking about Individual competencies, in this category, personal qualities are covered like an employee’s decision-making skills, their confidence, analytical skills, their self-motivation and critical thinking.
  • In the case of interpersonal competencies, aspects such as their capability to work in a team, their communication skills, their capability to know diverse opinions, diminish conflict and promote harmony would fall under this area.
  • Motivational competencies, it is all about the ability to motivate others, to lead others with an example or to take the initiative. Of course, sometimes it really matters if the persons do have the motivation to keep the environment motivated. Motivation is an asset that can change the tables for any business.
  • Talking about managerial competencies, these might include leadership skills, strategic planning, managing teams and people, and also analytical capabilities.
  • Then there are analytical competencies too. It has to do with data analysis, ease with working with numbers, problem-solving abilities and technical knowledge. It is all that would be considered under the analytical area.

Once you have a test to assess the behavioural capabilities of the candidates you are tending to take for your business roles, you would end up with better choices. You would find out if they have the assets of a good professional or not. You would be able to find out their competencies and these would be effective for sure. After all, you would never want to have a bunch of employees who are skilled but not really behaviourally sound for the growth of your business. When you target at the potential and professional aspect of the candidates, then why not their behavioural aspects too? Remember there is many of cross over between the diverse categories having a number of capabilities or skills fitting under more than one.

When are these behavioural capabilities used?

There are plenty of situations wherein behavioural competencies can turn out to be useful within your business.For example, a common language; yes, in case you can determine the behavioural capabilities that are vital to your business in detail so that staff members can understand what you wish and what is required , then you have a common meaning. What this really means in practice is your employees can understand what is needed of them even if they begin working in a different team or with dissimilar colleagues because the competencies always remain the same. So, this is just one instance of many instances. Thereis probably every area in your business wherein behavioural capabilities get used.

A test for your benefit

It would never be unproductive to have a professional and effective behavioural test for your organization. These tests are absolutely effective and result oriented. Once you know about the behaviour of the applicants you are going to recruit or the employees you might consider to promote for the next designations; you can make a more sound and sensible decision. After all, the pressure on the recruitment teams is much in this present era!


So, if you have never thought about the behaviour capabilities of your candidates, it is time that you start pondering. You would definitely end up with the best outcomes.You should have a test or tool to analyse the behavioural capabilities of your employees.Once you have one, you can be sure about the behaviour of all the candidates working in your organization.

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