How to look after your best clients


In any business, your top clients can constitute a significant part of your company’s revenue. These people can be anyone, ranging from business owners to foreign princes. However, as they are a crucial aspect of your business you must treat them as such. Looking after your top clients with respect and not leading the relationship to satiety can ensure that they stay your top clients and not another firms. There are many ways of achieving this, but here I have listed a couple of the foundations for a successful, lasting relationship with your top clients.

Get to know them

The way you treat a client should depend on their personal preferences. Some of your top clients may be thrill-seekers who would love exhilarating activities such as quad biking, whereas other may be more into relaxed games of poker or golf. Therefore, it is of great importance to get to know your client and form a personal relationship, so you can tailor their experience around personal preferences and get the best result.


How your client travels from place to place is often how they may spend a significant chunk of their day, yet it is easily overlooked. Although an inspiring helicopter ride through the city may be the optimal way of getting your clients from a to z, it is important to be realistic and factor in cost. Often the most cost-effective form of travel is by automobile private hire. This was your client feels like they are looked after and important, yet it doesn’t break your firm’s bank. I was recently taken to meetings in New York and was transported by Newark Airport Car service, which still gave me the great feeling of luxury.


Your clients are adults and don’t need to be showered with gifts constantly. This can feel suffocating and needy. However, special occasions should be honoured, and appropriate presents should be given. You do not wish to outshine the presents of family and friends as this can be disrespectful. Focus on non-showy presents that ooze class, are timeless, and are not heavily associated with cost. An example of this can be a beautiful rare orchid to decorate a home or office. The orchid would not outshine other presents, be greatly received, and be a constant reminder of your good faith. Giving gifts for family members as well can really show you know your client well and care about them.

Offer them special deals

This may seem like a given but offering significantly better deals to your top clients can keep them coming back for many more years. This makes the client feel, and know, that they are one of your top clients and you reward them for it. The special deals you give are up to your discretion and can range from significant discounts to a free holiday for their families around a business meeting. Just remember that the deal should really let them know that you are grateful for their business.

Use these four tips to build a professional, yet personal relationship with your top clients. This should enable a relationship that lasts the test of time and enables your business to flourish.

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