The Locksmith Industry is Changing & That’s a Good Thing


The locksmith industry is an ancient profession. The industry is believed to literally have originated in Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. But as with most things, in order to remain relevant, you have to change and evolve with the times. The locksmith industry is no exception.

The staff at Harry’s Locksmith understands that. We’ve been around for six decades and we’re a leader in our field. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and staying current with industry trends. It’s one of the reasons we’ve managed to stay in business for so long, despite all the changes our industry has experienced. Here’s how we’ve seen the locksmith industry change over time and how those changes benefit you, our customers.

Enhanced Safety

No more dropping your keys in the parking lot or worrying about the wrong person picking them up. Modern technology has revolutionized the locksmith industry so that you have a greater ability to keep your family, your business, and your belongings safe.

If you’re a business owner, for instance, and you lose your keys or need to terminate an employee, you can do so without having to change the locks. Instead, with modern technology, such as key fobs, you can simply deactivate the particular fob assigned to that employee so she or he will no longer have access to your building.

When you’re able to easily and quickly deactivate access, you’re better able to protect your employees and your building from unauthorized entry.

Improved Security

In addition to enhanced safety, today’s entry options allow for improved security and surveillance. Many modern key systems allow you to keep track of who is entering the building and when. Keeping better tabs on who’s entering and leaving your business will protect both your property and employees. In fact, you can even customize some key systems to limit an individual’s access to certain parts of the building.

In the past, the best way landlords or business owners could protect their assets was by imprinting Do Not Duplicate on the key. However, many hardware stores fail to heed those warnings. Not to mention that locks are easily picked.

Modern technology, on the other hand, allows you to better safeguard both your people and your product. Biometric key systems, for example, allow you to require a fingerprint scan for a person to gain admittance to your building. This means only authorized personnel will be able to enter.


Modern key systems also help you maintain more accurate data. That’s because many electronic key systems can input data automatically. Key fobs are one such system that has the capacity to send data to a central server, which will then retain that scanned information. This is incredibly useful for verifying information on a particular day or for a particular time period.

For instance, if you want to cross-reference timesheets with the actual logged time of entry, you can check the time codes against the stored data. This eliminates potential discrepancies and helps you operate your business more effectively.


Ever been locked out of your home or car? Most of us have. What about fumbling around in your bag or pockets and being unable to locate your keys because you’ve simply forgotten where you put them? It happens to the best of us. But smart technology has made things more convenient.

For example, there are now smartphone apps that work in conjunction with smart locks to allow you to enter your home or business at the touch of a button. Many smart locks enable you to gain entry by entering a passcode, for example. Additionally, they often come with the ability to store multiple passcodes so you can send digital keys to friends and family. If you’re traveling and want someone to house-sit for you, you can even program the app to allow someone to access your home for the specified time period.

Want to stop someone’s access to your home? Simply revoke their digital key. Smart locks deliver convenience without compromising your security. They also allow you to receive updates through the app when someone has entered your home while you’re away. This enables you to monitor from afar who is coming and going. Some even allow you to sync the app with your Airbnb account.

In addition to the modern convenience smart locks and apps provide, electronic systems are also able to help business owners save time. For instance, rather than having to go from door to door to lock your building up at night, you can simply do it electronically and remotely. Less work for you and more time to spend focusing on your business.


With modern technology, your options as a business or homeowner are more varied and tailored to your specific needs. The standard lock and key method doesn’t provide much versatility. But now, with the advancement of technology, your options are virtually limitless.

If you want people to have access to your building without having to remember to bring an ID or another object to gain entry, a keypad requiring a passcode may work well. If you want to better identify exactly who’s entering your building and when then a key fob might work best. If you want the highest level of security possible, a biometric system could do the trick.

Whatever your budget and needs, Harry’s Locksmith has the right solution for you. The locksmith industry has changed in exciting ways. Rather than having locks changed whenever you feel your safety is at risk, you are now able to electronically control access to your building and with immediate results.

The locksmith industry continues to change and evolve in ways that are beneficial to you, the consumer. Let us help you unlock everything it has to offer.

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