Sea Freight Shipping- A Brief Guide for Online Businesses


Over the past few years, the number of online businesses has increased dramatically. Many people who have started online businesses in the past few years are those who were laid off of their jobs due to budget cuts. After the crash of 2008, millions were left without a job, and had no means of making an income. With the rise of different online companies like Facebook and Twitter, along with mobile computing, a number of people began to notice an opportunity. They took full advantage and started their own businesses.

However, an issue with running an online business is that you have to be responsible when shipping the goods to your customers. It’s imperative that you establish proper shipping channels, through which you can distribute the goods to your clients. If the goods arrive at a client’s doorstep in a damaged state, the customer may leave a bad review, or ask for a refund.

Needless to say, bad reviews aren’t going to be good for business. However, most customers expect free shipping when ordering online. If you have added a surcharge when placing an order, you will soon notice a major dip in the total number of orders received. For international shipping, you will have to find a reliable international shipping partner. Sea freight shipping by Pallet2Ship, is widely used by many businesses in the UK. The company offers the lowest rates for shipping to different countries.

What is Sea Freight Shipping?

Sea freight shipping takes considerably longer than shipping by air, but it’s a good option for businesses that have to move large amounts of goods. Sea freight shipping basically means that the goods will be shipped in a container, on a ship. Obviously, because sea routes take a longer time to cover, it may take a few days, or even a few weeks, after the goods are shipped for them to arrive.

Before booking the goods for sea freight shipping, it’s highly recommended that you estimate the costs of shipping first. You can use the online calculator on the shipping company’s website, and add in the dimensions of the order, along with any other specific details to calculate the costs of shipping. It’s best if you compare the costs from different companies before booking your order, which will help you save money on shipping expenses.

Booking the Goods

Once you have made the booking, you will have two options available. You can either book the goods for an automatic pickup, for which the company will send over a pickup truck to the destination. The delivery guy will give you a receipt for the pickup, and take the money as well. Pickup is going to cost you a bit more money. Or, you can just deliver the goods to the shipping company’s office.

The company will give you a tracking code after receiving, and logging, the goods. You can then track your goods online in order to see where they are at any given time. Once the goods are delivered, you will receive a message on the provided number.

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