Why it Pays to Have your Staff Uniforms Designed


For many employers, the staff uniform is seen as something that is necessary, and they would automatically look for off the peg solutions, yet when you consider the many factors that are affected by staff uniform, it makes perfect sense to create your own. Some uniforms are both practical and very pleasing to the eye, and next time you pop into a major fast food outlet, check out the employee apparel, and you’ll get the picture. The smart boss will see a lot more than just the need to wear the right clothing, and if you are yet to be convinced, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when your employees are wearing a uniquely designed uniform.

  • Functional and Practical – When thinking about uniform design, it is important to analyse the daily activities of the staff. Do they need to carry pens or devices? If so, special pockets can be added that ensure your staff have the perfect place to keep items. Another thing to bear in mind is the climate, and the material used should be suitable for the working environment, and of course, the very best quality fabric should be used, as this gives you the longevity, and no employer wants to regularly fork out for new staff uniforms. If your business is based in Australia, talk to Advance Design, a leading designer and manufacturer of uniforms for a range of industries.
  • Promote the Right Image – If your workers are wearing a stylish uniform, this does wonders for your company image, as it also sends out the right messages, that you care about your workers and therefore provide them with tailored uniforms that are designed around the company. Your logo and company colours would be effectively used to provide a uniform that ticks all the boxes, and the final design would be submitted for your approval. Having the employee’s name and position visible is also a good idea, as it makes things more convenient for your customers, while at the same time, making your workers feel they are recognised by the management.
  • Boost Staff Morale – This is perhaps the biggest benefit for the employer, as the employees will feel that the management cares enough about them to hire a uniform designer, and if you really want your workers to feel like they have some ownership, why not involve them in the design stage? You might be surprised, as your workers could come up with something you had not considered, and aside from that, the staff will feel like they are part of a team, working together to achieve a set of goals. Many workers admit that they feel proud when wearing a well-designed uniform, and just imagine how they would feel wearing something unsuitable or not particularly well-fitting.
  • Promote Safety – By designing the ideal uniform, you are also helping your workers avoid accidents, and the design would very much depend on the daily tasks the worker completes. In some cases, it would be an idea to have several designs, as not everyone is engaged in the same activities, with some workers on the shop floor, while others deal only with customers, and having slight differences in design, you are helping your workers towards safe practices.

Whatever your industry, if your employees are going to wear a uniform, make sure you have it designed by a professional company, as this will be a good investment.

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