Ordering Podium Step Ladders: A Basic Guide for Homeowners


Most homeowners generally don’t have to worry about ordering scaffolding or podium steps. However, if you like taking on DIY projects, you will probably have a series of different tools and items strewn around your garage. If you like painting your house on your own, you will probably have a scaffolding tower as well. Podium steps and scaffolding towers generally serve a similar purpose, though both are used for slightly different kinds of work. For instance, podium steps are mainly used for fixing things at a higher elevation. You can just place the steps at any location on a flat surface, open them up, and then climb on top. There’s a small podium of sorts built at the very top so you can support yourself and find firm footing.

On the other hand, scaffolding towers are used for heavy work. If you have to carry large weights on top and need firm ground beneath your feet, purchasing a scaffolding tower is a better move. A scaffolding tower is different from conventional podium step ladders because it has wheels at the bottom that allow you to move the tower about. Of course, you can just draw the brakes to fix the tower in one position. Moreover, unlike podium steps, these towers give you more freedom to work about without having to worry about falling off. They are more supportive, thanks to four different support points, and don’t jerk about as much.

Ordering Guide

There are numerous local retailers across the UK that sell mid-sized podium ladders as well as scaffolding towers. However, before you get around to placing the order, you need to consider the size of the ladder. A standard two to three-meter ladder is more than enough, especially if you are around two meters in height yourself. It will allow you to climb to the top of the ladder and place your feet firmly on the podium steps without having to worry about falling off.

Most of the ladders are made from aluminium or stainless steel so they are quite durable and lightweight. You don’t have to worry about the ladder buckling under your weight. They have locking mechanisms in place so that the ladder doesn’t close suddenly when you are working at the top. You can check out the options available on the company’s website and compare the prices of different models before placing the order.


If you want, you can order online from the company’s website and have the podium steps delivered right to your place. Or, if you would first like to inspect the ladder before buying, you could just arrange a visit to the company’s shop and check the ladder first before buying. Most podium ladders generally sell for a pretty affordable price so you don’t have to worry about paying over the top either. It’s a great thing to have in your shed, especially if you have to change the light bulbs or plan to paint at a higher level.

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