Of Wine and time


It’s often said that with passage of time, the taste of wine unravels with measured delicacy.  As years saunter by, the rougher elements break down in the wine, presenting a smoother texture. The case of mass messaging in this context is no different. With the onslaught of technology, we have scaled heights of development. This persistent development in the technological arena has evolved our preferences from messaging to a plethora of new and advanced alternatives. The ambit of messaging has receded in the recent times. Looking at the current state of affairs, from the economical perspective, not many find the option of messaging alluring any more. But as the saying goes, wine which tastes of divinity is the one that has aged well with time. The storyline of messaging has adapted to the changing times and aged with perfection on the same lines as that of wine.

Text messaging though considered to be outdated has donned a new costume in the form of mass or bulk messaging. This term came into existence as result of the growing need of enterprises and institutions to enhance the scope of marketing communication tool and business notification solution. Mass messaging or bulk messaging makes use of business to consumer solution in order to cater to the needs of specific consumers and services. Today, there are many companies who offer a myriad of services which are specialised in nature for specific demands such as SMS gateway India, OTP SMS gateway, programmable SMS, programmable voice and the likes.

There are endless reasons for the usage of this service. The major ones being:

Global Arena: The outreach of one single text message through this system is astonishing. With the proper network and internal framework, a single text message can travel to any part of the world within minutes while competing with other services simultaneously.

Personal Space: The relationship that one has with one’s phone is intimate. So, being able to get into the inner circle of that personal space is one effective marketing strategy.

Simplicity: One of the attributes would be the simplicity of the entire process. With the onslaught of companies which have specialised services concerning the same, the process has become extremely simple and intimate.

Brownie Points: The mass messaging feature is no more restricted to just plain and bland texts. With the addition of emojis, GIFs and MMS facilities, the entire state of affairs has turned interesting.

Tracking and Pricing: It has various methods for real time tracking of messages which keeps the sender aware and alert regarding the status of the message. Further, its affordable pricing range compared to the amount of service and security it offers is just a cherry on the cake.

The feature of bulk or mass messaging is a blessing for all the enterprises out there that rely heavily on notifications and advertisements. The commencement of new text message gateway services have facilitated the business opportunities for MSMEs i.e  micro, small and medium enterprises, who can now employ cost-effective ways to promote their products and services. The benefits arising out of this simple method for marketing and promotions are numerous. The inalienable feature of a mobile phone which was once considered to be trivial is now revered with utmost importance due to its ability to blend into the reformations of time, just like the good old wine.

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