Not All Good Pictures are Taken in one shot- Keith W. Springer Shares His Views


Photography is fast catching trend these days, a lot of people have started invested a good amount of their time taking photographs, popularly known by the name of “selfies”. The android and smart phones have sort of brought a revolution in the world of photography, now every second person is interested in capturing the best shots of their life within the frames of the lenses. While some keep this passion of theirs restricted to a part time engagement, quite a few take it a step further and make it their profession, just like Keith W. Springer.

The amateurs usually practice their hand at photography to capture the special moments of their life, to share these special times with their friends and family and sometimes even to narrate a story. Those who are professionals in this genre need to study about the subject in details, in order to understand what it is all about and how it can be best explored.

Keith W. Springer  has written some blogs to help the novices of photography, he presents before them the various things involved in an expedition of photography and what is the kind of attitude one should adorn in order to click some of the masterpieces of their life. In order to encourage the aspirants of photography, he further goes on to say that “not all good pictures are taken in one shot”, so one should keep on persevering till he/she is satisfied with the frame that is captured.

He believes in the fact that if you love what you are doing then you will not need to work even for a day. Photography is one of those few things for which this philosophy is totally applicable; you need to love it, rather than consider it to be a profession. You may be faced with some of the oddest situations in your life while shooting a photograph, but that should not mar your spirits. Instead you should enjoy each moment of every photograph that you click.

Just like English, photography is a language and it is upon the discretion of the user as to how he/she decides to use it. It is a type of art; the artistic hands of a photographer alone can bring out the best in any photograph. It is one form of creative expression that at times brings out a magical world, from even the most simplest and regular situations of life. It is a way to present a slice of life to the viewers from the photographer’s perception; you could consider it to be a window into the perception of a photographer.

The moment you free yourself of the pressure of clicking a particular shot at a particular location, you will see magic happen in your photographers, in each one of them. So the basic thing you need to do before gaining any knowledge on the subject is to fall in love with the art.

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