Move Out and into Great Military Homes in Lakenheath


Military service has long stood as one of this country’s noblest and most respected professions. It is a service honoured in painting and song as in the words of so many of the finest authors and orators the English language has ever produced. The brave men and women of the Armed Forces represent our nation’s finest and so it is only fitting and fair that we as a people do our best to find quality housing for those who serve, as well as their families.

Lakenheath has long stood as a community defined in large part by its association with and commitment to the Armed Forces. Here, then, are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to trying to find the best places to rent in Lakenheath for military families.

Taking the Pressure Off

To begin with, it’s worth acknowledging the unique difficulties military families face in trying to find new lodgings. It’s always difficult to move somewhere new and it can often be a stressful endeavour, especially given the circumstances surrounding a move in the case of military families.

The best moving services for military families, therefore, will do their best to lessen the degree of stress and uncertainty faced by military families. They will help you every step of the way, from scoping out potential places to move to signing the papers and cutting through the red tape to the actual process of physically moving from Point A to Point B. They can also help you get settled once the move is complete, creating a warm, welcoming, and most importantly of all, supportive environment.

Tenancy Info

The Lakenheath and Mildenhall areas both have long ties to the Armed Forces, which in turn has helped to transform both cities into military communities. For those wondering about the best places in the UK for military personnel to live, look no further.

Further, for those asking themselves, “What are the best houses to rent in Lakenheath?” the answer is likely to depend on your income, how long you plan on staying in the area, the size of your family, and other factors. You can get assistance in assessing all of these factors with professional property assistants who specialise in helping military families resettle with as little headache as possible.

The minimum tenancy requirement for these homes is 12 months. For the ease of everyone involved you should call ahead to schedule an appointment with a member of the staff specialised in handling introductions, conducting tours, answering questions, and getting you started. Given the busy nature of military families’ schedules, these meetings are available every day of the week, including weekends and evenings. A deposit is required upon renting a property, which amounts to, at minimum, one month’s rent. References from at least your current landlord (if not a homeowner outright) and your present employer will be required.

Do away with the stress of moving today with the best properties meant for our finest.

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