Most Important Bar Supplies


What supplies should you be sure to have in your bar? There are certain supplies that you just cannot do without. Look at this list and make sure that your bar is fully stocked.

  1. Back Bar Cooler

A back bar cooler is easy to slide under your back counter. If you have a glass door option, you can use it to display bottles that you have for sale. The benefit of this product is it allows you to chill your bottles while still having them available for customers to view. This factor of keeping it chilled also keeps it safe for consumption, even if it takes a long time to serve it.

  1. Speed Rail

You can buy a speed rail for your bar in various shapes and sizes. What purpose does it serve? It keeps the bottles neatly organised for your busy bartender. You can even get speed rails with two levels, depending on your bar’s needs.

  1. Bar Sink

Having a bar sink serves a very important purpose. It gives you a place to wash the glasses. You cannot keep a bar running with dirty glasses. Depending on the health code in your area, you may need to have a sink with three compartments. Check with the health code before choosing and installing a sink so that you do not overpay for something you do not need.

  1. Cocktail Shaker

Many drinks are shaken before being served. This shaker can be an inexpensive purchase, but a high-quality shaker adds a lot to your bar’s presentation. Many people expect certain drinks to be shaken. There are two types of shakers that are widely used. One is the generic tin that is used with a durable mixing glass. The other type of shaker also contains an ice strainer. You can invest in the shaker that most appeals to your needs.

  1. Bar Service Mats

Bar service mats help your mixing counter stay cleaner and safer. Working with cool drinks involves a lot of condensation that could make your counter slippery. This could make it easier for a glass to break, or even for glasses simply to be wet on the bottom and unappealing to your customer. However, bar service mats provide a rubbery surface that will grip a wet glass better. You will find bar supplies wholesale from Pattersons that offers this very product at a reasonable price.

  1. Floor Mats

While the state of the floor may not seem to affect the service your bar provides, it is all connected. Floor mats serve the same purpose as bar service mats – they prevent slipping. Additionally, any food or drink that falls will fall into the mat’s small holes. The barista will not slip on puddles because the floor mats will provide a secure surface to walk on.

  1. Liquor Pourer

Liquor pourers are spouts that provide a way of accurately pouring liquor. You can choose between a free flow pourer and a measured pourer to get the effect you want.

If you have the bar materials listed here, you bar is sure to be a safer and more efficient business.

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