Migrating from Indonesia? Here are best ways to remit money to your loved ones.



While migrating from a country there are different problems and issues involved, one of them being the transfer of funds. Everyone wants to get the transfers done in a way that they can get the best currency exchange rates with the facility of immediate transfers being made available. Moreover the conclusion one can drive for the best method available for remittance comes with experience too.

Here we are providing some of the best ways you can vail to get your money transferred from Indonesia:


There are many options available in the marketplace that offer you the person to person sharing of the money. With companies such as Walmart you can very easily transfer the money. With a new program offered from Walmart the typical wire process which costs around $50 to $75 can just be availed at $ 9 by using the Walmart stores which is really a great option.


PayPal is again a good option with the availability of the option available for person to person transfers. This method of transfer is specially meant for the international transaction and offers great flexibility for the same.

SmartPhone apps

The availability of the apps on the smartphones have further made the things a lot easier. You can easily send money with this apps, all you need to do is provide your e-mail address and the money you want to transfer and to which account the transfers will be done for you in couple of seconds with an ease.

Companies like INSTAREM and XendPay

These companies are the leading options available these days for the remittance of funds to Indonesia. They handle the process in such a way that the idea of sending money overseas that previously daunts the customers is not the same way now. With the elimination of all the queues you have to stand in or all the paper work you have to do while making the transfers from banks, this option is very convenient. No matter what the remittances are taking place for Indonesia these companies have the easier financial plans and backups ready for their customers. It is also a good option available for the online wire transfer to Indonesia anywhere from Bali to the islands there. This method of transferring the money to your loved ones is very fast and convenient, with the money getting available in minutes.  Also the receiver can pick up the cash from the bank or can get it directly in the bank account.


So, gone are the days when it creates a lot of fuss when you just think about the transfers you have to make overseas but with such a wide variety of options available and the convenience they offer to the customers it has just come to the finger tips to make the transfers overseas as well.

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