Innovative Marketing Strategies


In the 21st century, it is easier than ever to start a business. In a sense, it is the best time ever to run a business but also the worst time. For someone who is starting a business, you can easily find strategies, business plans, and a ready market for your goods. All of it is available on the Internet. Also, with the prevalence of social media, businesses can market directly to customers in increasingly specific ways. This also means that you have to compete with all of those other companies as well. There are so many new companies being created every day and so much marketing online that customers are doing everything that they can to avoid ads. Many television viewers watch television on their DVRs so that they can fast forward through commercials.

Many people use ad-blockers online to avoid advertisements. In the age of the greatest engagement with customers, it is paradoxically more difficult than ever to reach customers. However, one strategy still works: reaching customers with simple advertisements that they can hold in their hands. Ink pens from The Pen Warehouse are surprisingly effective forms of advertising.

Ink Pens

If you are similar to most people, you often do not have an ink pen when you need one. At the bank, at schools, and at other places that often need items to be signed, you can find ink pens in jars. A jar of ink pens often has a company logo on it. At the bank, the pens usually are in the colours of the bank with logos on them. Companies that provide pens to their customers often encourage them to take the pens with them; this isn’t altruistic, though. It’s blatant marketing. For example, if you are selling trainers or anything else, you can buy bright coloured promotional pens. The pens should be brightly coloured so that they’re easy to find and quickly draw the eye. They’re also easy to remember. When you place your company information on a pen from The Pen Warehouse, customers will often remember it because they see it so often when they’re writing.

Even if they’re not in the market for trainers at the moment, they will remember the name of your company when they are looking for new trainers. The same is true for just about any company.

Subtle Marketing

In the Internet age of ubiquitous advertisements, customers are not fond of being marketed to. Instead of marketing at them, promotional pens allow customers to be reminded of your products every time that they need to write something. You are marketing to them but it does not feel as marketing does. It’s not intrusive as television or Internet ads are nor is it overt.

You need to make sure that you buy pens from a good supplier, though. It’s very important that the pens be made to be good quality. If they’re not good quality, then they will reflect poorly on your business. Therefore, it’s very important to buy pens from well-regarded suppliers who use great materials and high-quality printing. In that way, you’ll be able to market to customers and also be incredibly useful to them; many customers will greatly appreciate the utility of a solid pen.

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