More Information on Crypto Currencies and How They Are Used


If you do any research, you will see that a lot of people of all ages are getting in on America’s newest financial craze. Bitcoin’s was the one that made big headlines this year. Maybe you have noticed that many crypto currencies have just exploded everywhere. Some of the best of them have gone as high as 3,475% and even higher.

Jeremy Liew

A billionaire investor in Snapchat, Jeremy Liew, believes that bitcoin will go to at least $500,000. PayPal board member Wences Casares did confirm the other day that there is a higher than 50% chance that a bitcoin is worth over $1million. Even Bill Gates recently said that bitcoin “better than currency.”

Missing out

But for those who did make millions, even more people (like me) are missing out. If you are like me, you might be wishing you had gotten in on it when it was worth 6 cents. Did you even know that is started at 6 cents? Yep, 6 pennies could have bought a bitcoin. Well, those days have come and gone, but there are still new opportunities coming up in this marketplace or, so the rumor is.

Well known

These are crypto currencies that are very well known – such as:

  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Ripple

These have shown investors up to 4,000% returns!

Noku tokens

A website has just been started supporting Noku tokens and cryptocurrencies like Noku – just click on the link and you can read all about Noku tokens and the goal of the people supporting this website. As for the other crypto currencies, Google can help you get to further information.

Uses of crypto currencies

There are a lot of people that buy into crypto currencies like you would a piece of company stock – buy low, sell high. But there are also a lot of people that use crypto currencies like real money spending the currency at stores on the internet that accept this type of money. Some governments are not happy about these currencies since they cannot track them and have no control over how crypto currencies are used in the digital world. In the United States crypto currencies are referred to as digital assets.

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