Features to look when investing in CRM for consultants


If you are a consultant, then you have to keep in touch with people constantly. Your main purpose is to build relationships with new people, and to improve the services you offer to your existing clients. Consultants take part to meetings daily, and you will spend the main part of your time speaking at the phone, reading and answering to mails, and talking with people face to face. But because you are so busy, you might forget some aspects, because it is hard to remember what preferences and needs every one of your clients has.

But if you want to manage your projects successfully, then you should find a way to deal with this chaos, because your contacts are the ones who make your business running. If you are a consultant, you should use a system that helps you control your operations, and that keeps a record of your interactions. A CRM for consultants could help you a lot in this situation, because it is designed to meet your specific needs.

Many consultants have difficulties to opt for a CRM tool, because on the market, there are so many offers, and all of them sound amazing. Well, you should choose a CRM for consultants that offers you the possibility to finish your tasks in time. Here are some features you should look for when you browse through the products present on the market.

The software should feature workflow automation

You will be more effective if you use a CRM tool that features workflow automation. You should invest in a software that allows you establish the rules according to which it automates your workflow, because in this way you will be more productive. It is important you to establish the rules, because a certain event should be triggered only in a specific situation.

The software should be customizable

You are a consultant, and you know that you have to offer every one of your clients a customizable solution, if you want them to be satisfied with your services. This means that you should use a system tailored to your needs, as the one offered by bpm’online. Your business will grow if you are able to meet your clients’ requirements. So it is important to establish your goals, and to see what you need when it comes to a CRM app. When you talk with the provider, you should ask them the following questions:

  • Can I modify the interface?
  • Can I insert new fields?
  • What security features it has?
  • Can I customize the software according to my needs?

You should buy the software only if it offers you what you need, and if you can adjust it in time, because in time your requirements might change.

The software should be user-friendly

Because you are a consultant, you might want to use a robust tool, because you might want it to help you manage and automate your actions. But you should know that it is also important the software to offer you great visibility to your actions and interactions, as the one offered by Appian. So you might be tempted to buy the software that states that it offers you multiple features, without testing it. It is advisable to ask the provider offer you a trial version of the system you will use, to see if it is user-friendly, because you have to know from the beginning if you can work with it. You do not want to use a complicate platform, and to spend a lot of time in understanding how it works. For you to be efficient it is important to implement a user-friendly software.

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