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According to the dictionary definition, a visa is a certificate issued or a stamp on a passport indicating that the person immigrating has been granted permission to enter a country for a temporary stay. There is usually a specific period of time involved when a visa is used. Common types include the single-entry visa, the multiple-entry visa, and the business visa.

This last generally does not mean that the individual can enter the country to start employment. The credentials are only meant to allow the person to conduct negotiations, make a presentation, etc.

Quick, Efficient

In an increasingly competitive and fast-paced global economy, it’s important to have a visa process that is efficient, of course. But obtaining a visa should also be quick and relatively easy to get through as well. For those wishing to enter the UK, there is professional help in the form of immigration advice and services in Leeds.

In fact, if you need this special service, you can complete an online form quickly and easily. With this information, the experts will contact you and make a short assessment of what you will need in order to successfully apply. The online form is free, as is the assessment the firm will make after they receive the form. Only if you request their professional help in preparing the application will they establish an agreed-upon fee.


These specialists are able to assist you quickly because they make use of up-to-date technology including most of the major social media applications and messaging routes. Their customers are both inside and outside the UK and the list includes potential employees and their employers, investors, and sports players in addition to the everyday individual.

If you are making an enquiry related to a UK visa application or need assistance with re-submitting an application, this is your source for help. However, the free assessments are only available for a limited time.


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