How to Identify Your Topic for Research

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When you are in the final year of your college or university education then you have to search some topic on which you need to do research, which will prove that the education that you have received so far can be used for some benefit for the society. Most of the students take lots of time to search for any interesting topic on which they can do actual research.

Step 1: Start finding your interesting area

First of all you have to evaluate yourself to know the knowledge that you have gained so far during your studies at schools and colleges. There may be many subjects, which is of your interest and good many of them may not be of much interest to you. You must now focus on your interest area and try to find out what are the various areas that you will enjoy to work.

Having identified your area of interest, the next step is to highlight what you want to achieve in this area and why you find this area interesting? What do you want to achieve in this area in the next 5 or 10 years? How much are you emotionally attached to your goal? Having identified the area of your interest and your commitment towards it, now you start brainstorming about various new ideas about your area of interest. You must write down whatever comes to your mind as later on you will need to look at them once again to choose your research topic.

Step 2: Identify what you want to learn further in your chosen area

In the previous step, you have identified your area of interest. Now, is the time to identify what are going to learn further in that area? You must start reflecting upon various skills that you have in your chosen area. Are those skills enough to achieve your entire future goal? You must be honest to yourself and ask yourself this question again and again.

You must try to identify what are the various blocks hindering you to achieve your future goal. Try to find how you can remove your blocks. You will get few abstract ideas, which you may note down.

Step 3: Consolidate all your thoughts and select the unique problem

You must now look at the various area of interest that you have identified so far and also the list of hindering blocks that you have. You can correlate the points identified in step 1 with the points of step 2. You will certainly come out with a number of interesting areas and their blocks. Now you must identify which one is actionable and achievable for you wherein if you spend next few years you can really achieve something. You can also identify the resources available to you.

Having gone through the above 3 steps you can easily identify your research topic. If you need professional research paper writing service then you can find plenty of writing service providers on the net.

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