How Businesses Benefit From SMS Marketing


These days people use them for everything from staying in touch with their families while at work to sending messages to clients and ordering their evening meals. Businesses can take advantage of the importance of mobiles in people’s lives to market their products or services via SMS or text messages and receive these benefits.

Create Loyalty

By using SMS, you can build loyalty amongst your customer base by offering special promotions via text message. SMS is a more personalised way of reaching out to customers who frequent your stores, whether they are your brick and mortar locations or your e-commerce site. SMS messages are a good way to engage with people as 98% of mobile users open their messages when they receive them so messages are less likely to be ignored or deleted without being seen.

Targeted Advertising

By collecting mobile numbers from customers who have frequented your stores or website, you will be sending advertisements to your target audience. Since they have already bought your products or services, you know that they are interested in what you’re offering. By being able to precisely target your audience with Textplode, you will spend less than you would with other advertising forms.

Provide Choices for Customers

When you use SMS marketing, your customers can choose to opt out of receiving messages or they can opt in to get them. You can incentivise their decision to opt in by offering promotions only for those who receive the messages. They can opt in from your website or by filling out a form at your brick and mortar location. If they receive messages that they no longer want, you should make it easy for them to opt out after receiving them.


Since you can accurately target your customers with SMS marketing for business, it is far more cost-effective than other forms of advertising. Your company can send messages for less than two pence per message all around the world so you can easily reach thousands of targeted customers for far less than using radio, television, or print ads. Since you are targeting pre-qualified customers who have already bought from your company, the ads will be better received than other ad forms.

Requires Less Preparation

When a business buys ads on radio, television, or print media, they need to be created, produced, edited, and then aired at the right time or printed in the right publications. Preparing traditional advertisements can take weeks but when your business uses SMS marketing, ads can be sent as soon as they have been written. Being able to quickly prepare and send messages to customers allows you to use the system more often to notify your customer base about special promotions and sales whenever they are being offered.

Using Textplode is a great way of engaging with your customers, promoting your business, and offering customers incentives for being loyal to your company. It also gives them control because they can either receive the promotions or opt out.

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