Home Repairs – 5 Phone Numbers you Simply Must Have


If you are a homeowner, maintenance will never be far from your mind, and with so many essential services, the list is indeed long. Specialised tradespeople are always on call to deal with domestic emergencies, and you really should keep certain numbers handy, as time is often a factor in the repairs. Here are five such professions that you will invariably need at some point or another.

  1. A Reliable Plumber must be at the top of the list, and with a burst water pipe likely to happen at any time, you want to keep this number in your phone memory. Washing machines are notoriously unpredictable, and Thomson Local would have a list of reliable plumbers who live nearby and can quickly carry out any necessary repairs. While he or she is there, you might want to ask for a complete visual inspection of the plumbing system, just to be sure.
  1. The Electrician is someone who is often required, whether it be for repairs or additional power outlets or lighting, and very often, things happen outside of office hours, so keep that number handy. A blown fuse or short circuit can cause a fire, so make sure you switch off at the mains if something should happen, and call out the electrician to fix the problem.
  1. A Locksmith is a person no one really wants to call out, but if you have ever locked yourself out of the home, you will know why they are important. It is so easy to step outside to collect the mail, only for the wind to slam the door shut, and you are at the mercy of the elements.
  1. A Handyman is able to do most things, and he is someone you might require at any time, with a list of possible situations that he could remedy, and if you are not aware of any such people, a quick online search with your local directory will give you a contact number, and if the service is good, you might want to keep his number in your phone memory.
  1. A Tree Surgeon can undertake all kinds of tree and shrub maintenance, and you should have him inspect all the trees at least once a year. Any branches that obstruct power or phone lines should be removed, and the annual prune will keep the trees looking good. If you have a tree you wish to remove, an arborist can deal with it, and with modern equipment, they can even remove the stump and roots, allowing the area to be used in other ways.

Running the home can seem a little daunting, but if you have the right contacts, who are ready to help whenever the need arises, things will quickly be returned to normality. Your local online directory can furnish you with the contact details of any number of essential services, and by using local tradespeople, you are supporting your local community.

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