Epsilon Electronics and Project Mod


Epsilon Electronics is a well established company that focuses primarily on luxury car audio equipment and screens. Now they are working with a third party team on developing a modular phone. A modular phone might be the next big thing. It is a phone where you can change the memory, CPU, camera and even screen by simply sliding it out. Modular phones are a purely customizable phone where each component can be switched out for a newer or different one.

Instead of buying another iPhone or Samsung the year after for a better camera; the modular phone allows you to easily slide off the camera and slide a new one you purchased either in store or online. In theory, you can keep the frame of the phone for 5 to 8 years before purchasing a new one since all you need to do is slide out the outdated blocks and replace it with whatever you choose.

Epsilon Electronics

For example, let’s say there are 8 spots on the back, a simple battery will take one space or block, but a bigger battery can take 2 or 3 blocks; but you will be limited to having other components such as a camera or memory. The amazing thing about this technology is the fact that it can be customized to anyone person in terms of hardware which will be a first.

Epsilon Electronics comes into play with their screens and built in speakers. They are helping the third party to design various screen blocks for this technology. On the modular phone you can have a screen that functions like a Samsung screen with a single home button or you can have a complete screen with no home button at all. The best thing about this option is that if you ever drop and crack the screen, it can be easily switched out for another and it will be made so it won’t cost you more than $70 for a new screen and as time progresses, more third party companies will develop cheaper screens but won’t have the same quality as Epsilon Electronics.

At the moment, a few companies are working on modular devices since there is a huge online community that has been requesting for such a device for a while now. One thing is for sure; they won’t have to worry about not making sales because many people are waiting for this device. If successful, it will the change the very way we use and purchase cellphones.

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