DIY Projects Involving Site Clearance – Why You Need Professional Assistance


This isn’t intended to undermine your confidence in your DIY skills but if you’re planning a project at home that involves clearing the worksite of waste, there’s a very good chance that you’re going to need professional assistance. As many DIY experts have discovered, large-scale projects undertaken on one’s own or with mates often involve much more than originally believed, so it’s often the case you’ll realise at some point that you need a professional with the right heavy equipment.

Site Clearance Made Easy

Clearing a site without access to the right equipment can be tough going and take a lot longer to get done than you originally expected. With the right grab hire in Hertfordshire you’ll make quick work of the job, clearing the site and getting the work done easily. This not only takes out a lot of the hard, manual work that’s involved in clearing a site in readiness for construction or post-construction, but also enables you to clear the site of all construction waste quickly and properly.

If you’re breaking up hard waste like a concrete driveway or tearing down brick walls, it suffices to say that this waste can be very heavy and isn’t the sort of waste you can clean up with a shovel and wheelbarrow. When you arrange for a grab lorry to come to your home and remove the waste for you, you’re saving yourself the backbreaking labour required to clear the worksite yourself.

Make the Right Arrangements

Arranging a grab hire lorry (this should be manned in most cases, unless you have the right driving license and tickets) is usually fairly straightforward as there are many grab hire service providers around. However, it’s still very important that you hire the right service provider to help you make light work of the job. Here are a few tips to sourcing the right grab lorry hire company in your local area:

  • Consider your needs and what you need to hire. If you’re going to need more than a grab lorry, for example, an excavator or backhoe as well, then make sure they hire company is able to meet all your requirements. It’s best to hire from one company than several.
  • Ask for quotes from at least three hire companies. You’ll never know what the going rates are if you don’t ask around, so be sure to get quotes from several hire companies before you decide on the most suitable one.
  • Make sure you get the right advice. How willing are they to discuss your needs and the job? If they don’t seem interested in discussing your requirements to enable you to hire the right equipment, then chances are they’re not the right grab hire company for your needs.

Although you may be quite the DIY pro, there are some jobs that are best left to the professionals with the right equipment to get the job done quickly and easily. Where tasks like site clearance and waste removal are concerned, it’s best to enlist professional assistance.

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