Different Setbacks for Summer Weddings


Summer may seem like it is the perfect time for your outdoor wedding, but you should make sure you know about what all you can love outside of the warm weather. The warmer weather you will experience here is great, but also the different blooming flowers may go along great with the theme of the wedding. What you need to realise is you can have some seasonal weather issues that come up.

A Big Setback – Bright Sun and Too Hot

You will need to make sure the outdoor venue does have some type of shade or an air conditioner you can use – hire a party marquee or have portable air conditioners around the venue. If you are unable to get the shady areas, then make sure you have a short ceremony with plenty of water for the guests. If the sun is really bright, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and moisturiser available or you could have a new way to look as a blushing bride.

A Negative – Blooms Wilting

To do this, you should make sure you have the flowers delivered on the day of the wedding with a refrigerator available to keep the flowers cool. When you are not getting pictures taken, make sure you have the bridesmaid hold the bouquet in the shade or have it in a vase of cool water. If the blooms will be in the hot sun for a long period of time, then use a spray bottle of water to give them a misting of water every hour.

Rain Showers Are a Set Back

Summer is great, especially in terms of the weather when it works with you, but always have a plan ready for the rain. In most of the summer wedding seasons, you will notice that showers are a major risk. Since this is the case, you should always have a secondary plan in place with covers. This can even include a tent, or in the case of very bad weather an indoor area at the location.

Bugs Are a Biting Problem

Keep an eye out for bugs! The bugs are usually going to be thriving during the summer and can be a major pain. You should make sure you have some type of treatment completed on the property before the event. You also need to make sure you stock up on the bug sprays. You will be able to deter some bugs with tiki torches serving as a fence around the property. If you are holding everything outdoors, just have a communal basket of bug sprays in the middle. If you want to get away from the ugly store cans of buy spray, then check out Aromaflage, which is an insect repellent in an attractive bottle with a great scent. Can be used indoors on the tables and in the restrooms.

Competition for the Event Space

With summer time being a prime wedding time, you may end up competing with other couples for vendors and space – so you should book early. When you get engaged, you need to start to look at the spaces and the vendors. You may even want to start putting up reservations as soon as possible. To get the most out of the vendors and ensure they are going to be available and able to fulfil your needs you will want to talk with the vendors during the off time which will make it easier for them to work with and have time to sit down with you.

Lack of Time

With summer you will notice that everyone seems to constantly be on the go and very busy all the time. So you should send ‘save the date’ invitations at least nine months in advance to get the spot on the calendar. You should also think twice before hitting a holiday weekend for the wedding day. Doing this makes it easier for you to avoid the standing travel plans families have, but also avoid the uptick in cost. You will also notice you are going to compete with other weddings that your friends could end up being invited to during this time of the year. So you should make sure you have plenty of special things that are going to make your summer wedding stand out from the rest of the weddings.

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