Corporate Housing Costs


Corporate housing St Louis has become a more popular choice of accommodation for business travelers, extended stay visitors, and vacationers. If you are going to a city for a quick visit or business trip, a hotel might be an easy accommodation. But if your stay lasts longer than a few days, two weeks, or even months, a hotel accommodation can get very pricey. All of the extra expenses for dining, commuting, and using extra amenities can also add up. This is where corporate housing becomes the best solution. It can be significantly less expensive than a hotel, and provide you with a much more comfortable stay. On average corporate housing costs are up to 50% less than a hotel accommodation.

Corporate housing in the United States costs an average of $150 dollars a day, as stated by the Corporate Housing Providers Association. This price can fluctuate based on duration of stay, size, extra amenities, and location. There are many corporate housing choices available to meet anyone’s budget. The average cost for corporate housing ranges between $70-$200 per night. For larger cities and tourist attractions such as New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, you can expect to pay on the higher end of the pay scale. For smaller, less popular cities such as Nashville, Salt Lake City, and Tulsa, you can expect to pay a price on the lower end of the pay scale.

Corporate housing accommodations in the nation’s top markets can be very well worth the cost savings. The chart below compares the pricing between a hotel stay vs. corporate housing in 3 of the world’s top tourist attractions. It also indicates the percentage of savings you would have by choosing a corporate housing accommodation over a hotel stay.

LocationHotelCorporate HousingSavings
Chicago$172/night$112/ night for a studio housing

$133/night for a 1 bedroom apartment

35% – studio

23% – apartment

New York$254/night$165/ night for a studio housing

$213/night for a 1 bedroom apartment

35% – studio

16% – apartment

San Francisco$221/night$172/ night for a studio housing

$200/night for a 1 bedroom apartment

22% – studio

10% – apartment

Corporate housing costs are sometimes taken care of by businesses or insurance companies, depending on your reason for stay.  For executives, employees, or interns that travel for work meetings, conventions, or to complete jobs, business employers often pay for corporate housing. When accommodations are needed for homeowners who have been affected by natural disaster events to their home, insurance companies may also take care of the bill.

Corporate housing definitely has its perks and is a great accommodation. It is a great alternative to renting an Airbnb or reserving a hotel stay. Compared to these, they are usually fully furnished with all amenities included. There is no need to have to move in a fridge, TV, couch, dining set, washer, dryer, or stove, as this is all provided for you. This makes for a less expensive, better situated, and more importantly, comfortable stay.

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