How to Choose the Right Hand Dryers for Your Restaurant


Running a busy restaurant in the city centre is a difficult task because you’re swept off your feet chasing orders and dealing with customers from the second you open your doors until closing time. You have countless responsibilities to deal with, from ensuring your food tastes delicious to sorting out your taxes, but when you’re handling food and beverages, you need to make sure everybody takes hygiene seriously. The last thing you need as a restaurant is to get a reputation for sloppiness, but it’s not always easy to make sure your customers don’t spread germs.

Of course, you can make sure your staff takes hygiene seriously and that your kitchen and dining area gets professionally cleaned, but you can’t stop your customers from transferring germs to walls and door handles after visiting the toilet. Most of your customers will wash their hands after using the toilet, but they can still pick up germs if they can’t dry their hands using hand dryers. You could provide thick tissue for customers to wipe their wet hands on, but they’re not very good for the environment. Plus, if there are no working dryers, customers may dry their hands on their clothes and subsequently spread the germs from their clothes around your restaurant.

However, there are lots of dryers to choose from for your restaurant’s bathrooms, and finding the best products for your needs when you need to keep a strict budget in mind can be difficult. Keep reading below to gain an insight into the different categories of dryers available.

Finding the Right Dryers

People need a way to dry their hands after using the toilet, but you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg buying dryers. Here are your options to help you find the right dryers for you:

  • Budget – For some restaurants, especially smaller ones that usually host customers for a short period of time, may not need expensive dryers. The most important thing is that you buy dryers that actually work, and that’s very possible if you know where to look.
  • Mid-range – If you run an establishment that attracts lots of guests for hours at a time, such as a coffee shop, you might need to purchase powerful dryers that can dry hands quickly. That way, you can prevent queues from forming in the toilet and ensure customers don’t spread germs around by drying their hands on their clothes.
  • High-end – If you run a luxurious, Michelin-star restaurant where style is almost as important as the food, you may want to invest in high-end hand dryers that will work effectively as well as make your bathrooms look incredibly stylish.

Dryers are More Important than You Think

It may sound small, but dryers can actually make a big impact. Let’s face it, people are impressed by the latest gadgets and technology, and they will notice if you have stylish and modern dryers in your bathrooms. More importantly, you simply need to give your customers a way to dry their hands, both for their benefit and yours, so make sure you choose which products to buy wisely.

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