BFX - Friends of Furniture

BFX – Friends of Furniture

BFX Furniture is the chief dealer of office furniture types of equipment in Melbourne. Planning for opening a new trade or just increasing your office, BFX qualified office furniture advisors supports you to select the appropriate furniture.  If anyone thinking to select the best quality chairs for your staff and employees. BFX Furniture provides office furniture like chairs and desks along with computer tables and desks. They have a furniture showroom in various places in Australia.

Office furniture is the most important aspect of office it helps to work employees for long hours for which the productivity of the company increases. If they are selected in the wrong way then it leads to health complications of employees.

BFX Furniture Melbourne, they do not just stream office equipment. They convey creatively planned office furniture.  You will find the best office furniture for a deal in Melbourne at their showrooms. In order to convey the first-class furniture, they guarantee advanced investigation in recent office design.

Office furniture can be the main charge for small and medium trades.  BFX furniture focuses on bringing office furniture that meets everyone’s budget.

They constantly safeguard superiority workmanship. They are known for manufacturing the topmost standard office desks and chairs. This is for both the private and public sectors.  You are invited to choose them now for budget-friendly workplaces for your Melbourne agency.

The types of workplace furniture should be measured carefully. This is in order to take away home your brand product. This leaves your clients to feel at home as your office furniture is in coordination with commercial colors. Low-quality office furniture makes your clients disbelief your ability in delivering excellent services. High-quality office furniture imitates your abilities when it comes to service delivery. No matter the sort of company you run, you want your clients to keep faith in your abilities.  Come to BFX for a wide range of first-class office furniture.

BFX furniture advisor will walk you thru the course of choosing furniture design and hues. The general objective is to form sure your furniture connects to the brand message. Right from making the primary call to BFX their staffs are prepared to supply you helpful answers to different studies. They supply a friendly client service. You’re guaranteed a smooth experience. BFX customer agents will connect you to well-informed and skilled furniture consultants.

Here the main thing that matters is customer experience. , They are concentrated to deliver to your prospects. For the ages that they have helped Melbourne consumer needs remain very important for them.

For every order, they are able to deliver a hassle-free experience. If anyone planning to upgrade office furniture for your office BFX would be the right choice. For BFX furniture checks their online furniture inventory and places an order. We will ensure fast and convenient delivery to your doorstep.

Selling Mobile Phone Repairing Parts

Tips To Generate More Revenue By Selling Mobile Phone Repairing Parts

If you want to make your business of selling mobile phone repairing parts successful, you will need to generate more revenue and profit. The best possible way to do so is to have a strong and long-standing relationship with your customers as well as your suppliers. You will then have genuine parts in your shop from the suppliers and a long list of satisfied customers who will get anything they want when they visit your store. With better and more frequent interactions with your suppliers and customers, you will be able to reap the most benefits for your business.

Work with only reliable suppliers

You must choose and work with only reputed suppliers of mobile phone repairing parts and professional phone repair tools. This will not only ensure that you get and stock only genuine products but it will also help you to create your distinct identity in the market. This is one significant attribute to possess to be successful. Therefore, make sure that you choose your suppliers after proper research so that you do not fall prey to those suppliers who sell poor quality mobile phone repair parts. This will have a serious adverse effect on your business which would be very hard to amend.

Growth of your business

Since you will deal with only selling mobile phone repair parts such as a Sugon T26 soldering station, you will need to make sure that you sell these parts and tools in high volumes. This can only happen when your business grows. To grow your business, you will need to focus on newer market segment to target. You will need to know the demands of the market as well as your target audience and have a ready stock to cater to their diverse needs. You must follow the current trends of the market and know its pulse to adapt and make the necessary changes in your marketing and business policies as and when required.

Repair all types of gadgets

If you are into phone repairing as well, you should make sure that you repair all available types of technical gadgets. This will increase your chances to generate more revenue manifolds. A lot of such businesses have done so and have also collaborated with different phone parts suppliers. This helps them to buy spare parts from them easily and a much-discounted price. You should too follow their footsteps and earn more profits.

Building Startups

Building Startups: Essential Tips for Minimising Risk

The world of startup companies can be extremely competitive and challenging for the uninitiated. It can be somewhat ironic, as most startups are helmed by inexperienced business owners, while the startup industry can be notoriously unforgiving when it comes to business mistakes. It means that a starry-eyed entrepreneur could end up taking their company without realising their mistakes.

That said, it does not mean that building a startup has to be a stressful and miserable experience. There are plenty of ways to avoid many of the common pitfalls that come with startup management – all it takes is a bit of careful preparation to get the job done. Here are just a few essential tips for minimising risk in the startup industry.

The advantage that comes with outsourcing tasks

One of the prime examples of the usefulness of outsourcing comes from the IT industry. You will rarely find a startup in such an industry successfully developing an in-house IT team due to the substantial investment such a thing requires. Not only do you have to fully train your team from scratch, but you also have to invest in physical servers and equipment – which is more than enough to bust the budget of just about any startup business. It does not even include the amount you would spend on maintenance and unexpected repairs.

It is the very reason why many startup companies in the IT industry end up outsourcing to third-party services. While it might come at the sacrifice of full control, what you get in return are the benefits that come with having an IT department without the unreasonable expense.

Finding your niche

No matter the industry, it is never a bad idea to focus on your company’s strengths within your chosen industry. If you feel as though your business does not excel in anything, in particular, you can still turn things around by focusing on modern tips of the trade. For example, the construction industry undoubtedly has plenty of business clamouring for the attention of your prospective clients, which is why it is crucial to stay on top of the most effective methods, such as the use of concrete panels.

Reducing risk in the world of marketing

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles that come with startup management is keeping your company relevant in an ever-evolving business landscape. Fortunately, there is one tool you can use as a foundation for your startup that requires no financial investment. The world of social media is vast, and the potential is limitless. You can bridge the gap between your startup and your clients, as well as respond to the feedback of supporters. Without a doubt, social media is one of the most effective marketing tools, and you will not have to pay a thing.

Minimising risk in the realm of startups is all about staying on top of situations that could potentially cause problems in the long run. Whether it has to do with reinforcing your niche or outsourcing tasks, the tips above will help you keep things under control, and ensure that your business realises its potential.


4 Amazing advantages a trader gets after availing upto 120 days of credit for his freight shipment

We live in an era of developed and well-functioning money markets that provide us various credit options like personal loans, credit cards, etc. This has not only uplifted the market conditions but has also enabled the common people to fulfil their wishes easily. Have you ever wondered how helpful it would be for all the traders if this kind of credit facility is provided in the global shipping industry? Well, if you have then it would be amusing to know that the leading shipping companies are providing limited days of credit through which you can easily ship your consignment without having to pay for it immediately. The number of credit days that you select for your freight shipment will allow you to put your payment on hold for that period of time. Although there are only a few shipping companies that are providing this offer, the maximum number of credit days that they are offering is limited to 60 days. It is only Cogoport that is providing 120 days of credit to all their clients at a very minimum service rate.

Cogoport charges no interest for 30 days of credit, 0.5% interest for 60 days, 1% for 90 days and only 1.5% for 120 days of credit by presently becoming the only shipping company to do so. There are also no hidden charges or any penalty on prepayment of the bill. The 4 amazing advantages that a trader gets after availing this facility are mentioned below.

Maintaining a healthy cash flow

A trader usually receives payment of freight shipment only after the consignment is reached safely at its destination as per the agreement rules. This creates a difficult situation as most of the time he may run out of petty cash which can affect the payment cycle. Therefore, by availing credit days a trader can utilise the cash in hand easily and then make the freight shipment charge after the bill is cleared by your consignee. This helps in maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Channelising capital efficiently

Big consignments can drain a trader out of money for a while which can put his or his company’s other productive tasks on standby. The 120 days of credit facility would allow the trader to ship consignment as well as use the available capital in doing more productive tasks. In this way, he can channelise the capital efficiently without having to worry about cash availability.

Working on multiple consignments

A lot of traders have to put shipping consignments on hold because they are unable to finance all of them at once. This problem can also be solved as you can avail credit days and manage the payment of consignments for which the trader does not have immediate funds. The shipping company pays on his behalf and he can pay it back within the predefined period of time.

Coping up with losses

Trading business is full of uncertainties and one may incur unexpected losses in any financial year which can further affect his following lined up freight shipments. The 120 days of credit facility can help in coping up with this problem as the trader’s work will not be put on hold because of the lack of funds. So, one can repay the company after his due bills get cleared.

Limited period of credit facility at such reasonable interest rates can definitely boost the productivity of a trading firm. Unavailability of funds is the main reason why a lot of traders have to pass on good and profitable consignments to other traders which affects their own business. You, as a trader, should not make the same mistake as you have the opportunity of availing the credit days and financing your shipments.


The Benefits and Applications of Packaging Robots

Packaging robots come with a plethora of benefits in applications. Manual packaging pales in comparison to automated packaging. The latter makes the process faster, more accurate as well as more productive. Also, the ROI is much faster.

However, the processes must be performed correctly. For any robotic function to produce the desired results, you must learn to deploy it correctly. You must know what applications your robots are built for.

How Packaging Robots Work

Packaging robots are designed to carry out a wide range of tasks. The specific application of any packaging robot depends on the end of arm tooling (EOAT). Some of the applications include:

  • Palletizing
  • Transporting products from one point to the next
  • Opening and filling boxes or containers
  • Sealing, coding and labeling product packaging
  • Pick and place applications
  • Warehousing

Any application that requires moving or packaging products can be performed by these robots.

Industries That Require Packaging Robots

Any industry that manufactures products that must be packaged will benefit from using packaging robots. Packaging robots ensure accurate and high-quality packaging, thus safeguarding product integrity.

They also help to boost cycle times as well as enhancing productivity. Manufacturers utilize packaging robots in their packaging processes. Food and beverage producers also use them for the reasons already mentioned. They are also used in the health industry.

What Are the Benefits of Utilizing Packaging Robots?

1.     Increased Productivity

They help to enhance speed, accuracy as well as productivity. Packaging robots improve material handling applications making the positive impact last. Also, manufacturers who utilize these robots experience increased throughput.

2.     They Speed Up Production

They are designed to handle more products simultaneously. Humans can only handle a single product at a time. Robots can pick up multiple products resulting in increased uptimes.

3.     They Cut Labor Costs

One packaging robot can perform tasks that would take several human workers to perform. Hence, you can do without human labor for most packaging tasks. This saves the company a lot in terms of salaries and wages as well as allowances.

They can also complete many packaging functions consistently than human workers would. Packaging robots also provide a constant workforce that will not quit on you.

Types of Robotic Packaging

The product as well as cycle time will dictate the type of packaging robot you require. High-speed packaging and sorting are best done by SCARA and parallel robots. Articulated robots are ideal for packaging massive products. Collaborative robots are perfect for delicate products.

However, you will recognize robots and their applications by the names assigned to them. Hence, there are:

  • Cosmetic packaging robots
  • Pharmaceutical packaging robots
  • Case packaging robots
  • Food packaging robots
  • Tray packaging robots
  • Bottle packaging robots
  • Variety packaging robots

Packaging robots help to keep packaging expectations such as hygiene and quality high. They also enhance productivity, ensure repeatability, and boost speed in their operations.

You will also recognize robot type from the way it picks and places products from incoming loads on the conveyor belt.

  • Collation: Incoming products are collated in groups before being placed in the lug chain of a horizontal container.
  • Cross Belt: Displays that the incoming product is vertical to the outgoing product.
  • Inline/Parallel: Displays that the incoming flow coordinates with the outgoing flow.
  • Top-Loader: It takes the product from the conveyor belt and transfers it to a tray or container
  • Side-Loader: It loads from the side.
  • Feed-Placer: It takes the product and then transfers it straight into a wrapper infeed, bucket chain conveyor, thermoformed infeed, or flighted conveyor.
  • Wrap-Around Robot: It loads trays or cartons on edge or crosswise.


A packaging robot helps to save time and is more economic than having human workers perform packaging tasks. Packaging applications can be monotonous because they are repetitive. Also, they can be dangerous and therefore best left to robots.

Hence, they ensure that your workers are engaged in more cognitive activities that are ultimately more fulfilling. They are also kept out of risky applications.


Here are Reasons why you should Mechanize Your Manufacturing Business

As you embark on your dream of owning a business, you will need to plan. People start their businesses for different reasons. Don’t we love to be our own bosses and enjoy the freedom that comes with it? Others, it’s because they have identified a need or a problem and they start a business to solve it. Also, children can run their family business by picking up from their parents.

Whatever reason that made you join business, you will need to plan and do some studying. Identify your line of business, draw a business plan and do market research. Also, think of machinery to buy. There are lots of industrial robots on sale that you can look at. Also, identify the location, your source of funds and source of materials.

However, buying robots require that you have enough startup capital. Usually, some people don’t think of automation at the start. There are lots of bills to pay, therefore its ok to postpone automation for later. However, if you can afford it, then go for it. There are lots of advantages associated with automation. Let’s find them below in this article.

Increase Production

Do you know that robots are meant to replace people? That means that they can take up all your employees’ tasks. Good thing is they are consistent, faster and don’t waste time unlike people. Therefore, you are assured of consistent production of  quality and accurate products. Since their speed can be increased or decreased, that means you are able to produce more.


Automation leads to production of consistent quality products. Therefore, your clients are assured of same quality products. This is unlike people that produce varying products. People are prone to human error which leads to substandard products.  Also, some days your employees will feel less motivated or in a bad mood and hence will produce less. If you want to maintain your clients, you should always meet their demand.

Reduce Accidents at Work

Collaborative robots are meant to work alongside people. Therefore, they shouldn’t harm them. They have inbuilt cameras and sensors to see people getting closer. When they sense humans near their working area, they will reduce their speed. Other times, they will come to a halt so they don’t injure an approaching person.  Also, they have smooth edges to avoid trapping and cutting people.

Handle Unpleasant Tasks

Coborts are not like people that will refuse certain tasks. If an employee is in a position they don’t love, they will be demoralized and hence less productive. Collaborative robots on the other hand, will take up unpleasant, dirty and boring tasks.  It will take on monotonous and repetitive tasks that people don’t love to do. This leaves the interesting and thought-provoking tasks to human employees.

Bridge Labor Gaps

A machine won’t call- in sick or miss work at any day. Rather, it’s people who are liable to many reasons and excuses for not showing up at work. You will get reasons like a sick child or parent or spouse. A cobort, however, will always be at work doing daily work as required. It can even be deployed to do the task of a missing employee. This way, your production continues like no employee missed duty.


When you want an employee to change tasks, you might have to pay for refresher courses and training. A collaborative robot doesn’t need any of that. You have to just deploy it from one station to another, then change instructions. This process won’t cost you any money since they are easy to install. You don’t have to look for professionals to install it and make it function.

Last Word

If you are a business owner and have not thought of automation, you are missing out. First of all, you are spending more by paying salaries to employees. Yet, if you employ coborts, you will reduce on salaries as they will replace some employees. Also, there will be minimal injuries at work and you will produce consistently quality products. Coborts are flexible and take on dirty jobs that people don’t like.


How EMI calculators help you repay your loans on time and improve your credit score

Nowadays, almost every person’s monthly balance sheet reflects a long list of expenses which includes a considerable number of EMIs. The ever-helping facilities of banks and other financial institutions allow the customers to fulfill their needs easily. Various types of loans and credit cards are available in the market which is heavily used by people given the security and reliance that these facilities come with. The only thing that bothers all of everybody is managing the EMI payments. This is a task that becomes stressful and tiring in the long run as calculations are complex and time-consuming. For this purpose, you can use an EMI calculator that is easily available online free of cost. To know more, read the details mentioned below that would help you understand how these calculators can not only help you in repaying your loans but can also improve your credit score.

What Is An EMI Calculator?

An EMI calculator is an online facility provided by many companies that offer financial services that can be used free of cost by the consumers. All you need to do is access the calculator through the online portal of any company that provides this service and in a matter of a few minutes you can get your job done. The details you need to provide includes variables like the principal amount, interest rate, type of loan, and the exact tenure. There are many types of EMI calculators such as:

  • Personal Loan EMI Calculator
  • Car Loan EMI calculator
  • Home Loan EMI calculator
  • Education Loan EMI calculator

So depending upon the type of your loan, you can use any of these calculators to do the complex calculations easily.

How Is It Used?

You can use an EMI calculator by following these few simple steps:

  • Visit the website of any EMI calculator provider and click on the “use calculator” tab.
  • Enter the details required like loan amount, loan type, loan period, and interest rate.
  • Click enter or “calculate” tab.

Once done, the screen will display the results which include EMI payable, total interest payable and total amount payable. An EMI calculator is as easy as this to use.

How Does It Work?

The loan EMI calculator works based on the given formula:

EMI = P * (r*(1+r)n)/((1+r)n-1) where,

P stands for the principal amount, R stands for interest rate and ‘n’ stands for the tenure.

How Can It Help In Improving Your Credit Score?

Every loan bearer and credit cardholders are well aware of the significance of a good credit score. For availing any form of credit from banks or other financial entities, one needs to possess a good credit score which is used to assess the credibility and loan repayment ability of a borrower. Therefore, it is very important for you to maintain your credit score as the higher it is the better will be your chances of availing loans and credit cards. An EMI calculator helps you in calculating your EMIs efficiently which in turn assures accurate payments. Also, by using this calculator you can plan your future expenses and make sure that your payments are not missed or bounced. This way your credit score is not hampered and you can build a stronghold in your financial payment records.

Regular and accurate repayment of EMIs is very important for every borrower in order to maintain a good credit score as well as avoiding penalties or fines for late payments. Not every one of us is comfortable with the complex mathematical calculation of EMIs and therefore, it is better to use an EMI calculator for accurate results. The benefits of it can be availed free of cost and at the convenience of your smartphones or computers.


A 4-point checklist for applying for a travel loan

Every person wishes to take at least one vacation every year to destress himself from all the chaos and pressure of the hectic modern lifestyle. The exotic locations, serenity, and calm of the famous holiday destinations attract almost every one of us. After all, who does not want to enjoy some quality time with friends and family away from the rush of the metropolitan cities? However, most of us cringe upon the thought of traveling to such places after looking at the price of travel packages. Travel goals sound exciting but are not possible for everyone who has a limited monthly income.

Well, one can easily finance his travel with the help of travel loans that are being offered by the banks. Travel loans are a type of personal loan that can be availed by going through a simple and hassle-free procedure. For more information about how it works, read more.

So, what are the things one needs to know before applying for a travel loan? The answer to this question is described in a 4-point checklist that is given below.

Make a budget and a proper plan

The first thing to do before applying for a travel loan is to make a budget and a plan of vacation. In general, people forget to do this while planning their vacation and end up spending much more than required which burns a hole in the pocket. This should not be done if the vacation is to be financed by a travel loan. So, make an estimation of the total amount needed including tickets, hotels, traveling, food and shopping. Otherwise, one can end up spending more than the loan amount which can worsen his financial balance.

Check the eligibility criteria

Although different banks have different eligibility criteria for providing loans, the basic requirements are pretty much the same. So, one must go through all the loan offers available in the market, check the eligibility criteria of preferred banks and then prepare a file of the required documents. The general criteria include 21 years of age, salaried professional, a good credit score, previous credit records, defined minimum salary, etc. All these details are available online websites of banks so checking all these beforehand can save time and effort.

Browse the market

Interest rates on travel loans vary from bank to bank. These loans are a type of unsecured loan and therefore, the interest rates are much higher than other secured loans. However, one can save some money if he chooses the right loan option that is most economical with lower interest rates. Therefore, researching the market well and considering all the features of available loans thoroughly before choosing one is always beneficial.

Apply online for loan approval

Last but not least is the loan application. Once a preferred travel loan option is chosen, one can apply online for the loan approval from the bank. The loan application is simple and the processing usually takes 2-3 working days. Nowadays, few renowned banks also provide the facility of online documentation through which one can submit all the required documents easily. So, one can avail a travel loan conveniently in a matter of a few days.

From the above checklist, it can be concluded that travel loans are easy to avail and a very reliable option for financing the much-needed vacation. Most people either drop the idea of visiting their favorite destinations or try to save money until they can afford to go there. But saving sufficient funds can take years and uncertainty of the future is hard to rely upon. Therefore, it is never too late to apply for a travel loan and tick the exotic destinations off the buck list.

ULIPs Long Term Gains

Is ULIP Good For Short Term Gains

A sound financial plan needs all the right kinds of investment and insurance options. That way, you are able to financially secure your loved ones and build your wealth over time. But what if we tell you that there is a policy that allows you to do both? Yes, Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) offer dual benefits of life insurance cover and wealth creation.

Ideally, ULIPs is an insurance instrument and has been popular among young investors lately. We know that ULIPs are a compelling long-term investment product. But are they good for short term gains? Let us find out.

ULIPs Short Term Gains

ULIPs have a five-year lock-in period. During this time, you are not allowed to make any withdrawals from the policy. You can discontinue the plan but will receive the final payout only after the completion of the lock-in period.

Moreover, if you decide to surrender/discontinue the ULIP policy, you will have to pay certain charges. This makes it highly detrimental if you were planning to save money for accomplishing any short-term goals. Hence, it is advisable to keep the policy running at least until the end of the lock-in period.

For many people, short-term goals are usually near-future goals—something you plan to accomplish in 5-7 years. Thus, ULIPs tend to be the right investment choice that will help you achieve these near-future goals. Also, you get the liberty to continue investing in the policy after five years so that you can invest in achieving your long-term goals.

ULIPs Long Term Gains

As we all know, ULIPs are goal-based investment plans. So, choosing to invest in it to achieve your long-term financial goals is a sound financial decision. You can save for long-term goals such as retirement, buying a new car/house, child’s education, child’s marriage, etc.

Apart from this, investing in ULIPs have many other benefits –

  1. You can avail tax benefits under ULIPs. The premiums paid towards the policy can be claimed for tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Moreover, the death and maturity benefits received are tax-free under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  2. A part of the premiums paid is used for life insurance cover; whereas the remaining amount is used for investing in funds of your choice.
  3. In case you are not satisfied with the fund performance, you can make some changes to your portfolio as and when needed with the help of the fund switching facility.
  4. They offer the flexibility of investing in ULIP funds based on your risk appetite. Those with a low-risk appetite can invest in debt funds; whereas people with a high-risk appetite can invest in equity-oriented funds.

Is it best for me to invest in ULIPs?

Before you decide to invest in ULIPs, ask yourself these questions –

  • What are my short-term financial goals?
  • What are my long-term financial goals?
  • What is my risk appetite?

After this, you need to evaluate your current financial situation, monthly expenses, and financial objectives. All of this will help you ensure that you are choosing the right investment instrument. Also, if you proceed to invest in ULIPs, make sure that you are consistent in paying the premiums.

We understand that a pandemic-like situation can put you through a financial turmoil. But staying consistent in paying your ULIP premiums and other insurance premiums will ensure that you and your loved ones are financially secure. If you are facing a financial crunch, you can adhere to a strict budget, cut down on your expenses, and spend only on necessary items. This will ensure that you have sufficient funds to invest in your future.

Food Exhibitions

How Food Industry Businesses Benefit From Food Exhibitions

Keeping up with various food trends is important if you want your food and beverage business to be successful because this is one industry that is changing continuously. The more you keep up with the changes in the food industry, the more prepared you’ll be to implement those changes so that your business will continue to grow and thrive. All of the latest food trends 2020 are easy to find with a good exhibition because this is one of the main advantages of attending one of these events.

Made to Help You Keep up with the Trends

A good exhibition helps you keep up with all types of food industry trends, both major and those that seem less significant. Since there are usually vendors from all over the world in attendance, you can find out what is going on in your industry on a global basis, and each one of these suggestions can help you grow your own business once you get home. Current food trends are sometimes difficult to keep up with, but instead of reading about them in industry magazines, it makes it much simpler to talk to people in person and learn about them so you can find out about these trends right away.

Accurate Information Is Important

Exhibitions also help you get accurate information on the latest food trends in your industry because you are speaking directly with people who work in this industry and, therefore, you’ll know the information is correct. A direct connection to people who work day in and day out in the food and beverage industry is one of the best ways to stay current and up-to-date with food and beverage trends that seem to change with each passing month. These exhibitions make it fast, simple, and very convenient to learn what you need to know to be a success.