Guide to Becoming A Business Analyst


Becoming a business analyst is not easy but it will be worth it at the end of the day. You have to know that business analysis is in high-demand. With this, you will surely land a job but you need to be better than the others because the competition is fierce. With that being said, you have to know how to become one so you will have an understanding where to begin.

Business analysts evaluate the business processes including the goals, organizational structure, and procedures to regulate the current and potential problems. They will then ascertain information-based solutions. It sounds easy but when it comes to being an effective one, it is very challenging. Whether you are transitioning to the business analyst or a newcomer, you need to be familiar with the steps to becoming a business analyst. Here’s a guide:

Build your knowledge as a business analyst

The first step is to build your knowledge as a business analyst. Once you confirmed that you want this career path, you should do your best to gather knowledge that is needed to succeed in this profession. There are several ways to build your knowledge. Technical knowledge is important that is why it is a requirement that you finished business analyst courses. After that, to increase your competitive advantage, you need to undergo certification and training. It is also helpful to read books about the field.

Distinguish your transferable skills

If in this case you are transitioning to business analysis, you have to distinguish your transferable skills to qualify for a subset of business analysis. There are companies that hire newcomers because of the pay but if you are already a mid-career professional, you have more chances of skipping the entry-level business analysis positions. All you have to do is identify your transferable skills. These skills came from a non-business analysis experience but are still applicable to the field.

Strengthen your positioning

It is important that you identify or distinguish your transferable skills so you will know the things that you lack to become an effective business analyst. During this stage, you may have discovered some gaps. You need to something to bridge the gap. You can start by making a development plan and explore opportunities. This is how you strengthen your positioning. You also need to think like a business analyst. Forget your previous job or on-the-job training. You need to think one so you will act as one.

Focus on finding an opportunity

At this point, you should be prepared to find an opportunity. There are things that might distract you but you have to be strong and focus all your efforts to find an opportunity. There are some people who went looking outside their organization for their first business analyst job. If after identifying your skills and you determined that you came up short, focus on things that will strengthen your skills. No matter the results of your searching, you have to be patient and not give up. It may take little longer but at least you are doing your best.

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