Hiring a Serviced Apartment in London

Serviced apartments are places which are fully furnished and are available for both short and long-term stays. They include nearly all the amenities which hotels can provide for example housekeeping, parking etc. They also include cooking utensils so the guests don’t require to spend too much money eating out when they can simply prepare their meals themselves. This industry has seen growth because of cheaper international travel and longer stays for business and other purposes. These provide more space, privacy, and convenience than hotels which make it a really attractive option for many.

London is the hub of business activity in Europe because of which it hosts a large number of visitors every year and the serviced apartment industry has seen a great boom with a mushrooming of businesses offering serviced apartments at competitive rates but not all apartments are alike and there are things which you must keep in mind when you plan to stay in a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments


The first thing to look is the location of the apartment you’re planning to stay in during your stay in London. Being in a central location can make many things easily accessible and it feels great to have the best restaurants and the city’s major avenues at your doorstep but to stay on the outskirts where you’ll have to change many buses just to visit a decent place is a hassle and if you’re planning to spend multiple nights out in the city then it is important that you choose a convenient central location.


The requirements of space vary for every traveller. If you’re planning to stay alone then you may be satisfied with a single room however that too would be improved by the addition of one extra room if you’re planning to have your friends over but if you’re on a trip to London with your family then you’re definitely going to need multiple rooms. Space also includes your kitchen as having a kitchen can save you a lot of money which you would’ve spent on your food. All you need to do in a kitchen is buy fresh vegetables from the nearest market, at a cheap price, and cook them or you could get a pizza and eat it using as much time as you want by reheating in the microwave.


The idea of being independent is great but there are going to be times when you’re too tired after the all-nighter you pulled with friends or slept very late because you were talking to your significant other who is in a different time zone while you also have to get to the meeting in the morning. In such circumstances, it would be great if someone could deliver you breakfast the next morning. Little things like this can make or break your experience so check with the agent before you confirm your serviced apartment in London.

In conclusion, serviced apartments offer you a flexibility no hotel can offer and there is a room for customisation too. When you plan to next stay in a serviced apartment in London, just keep these little points in your mind and you’ll be good to go.


Important Coaching Skills Every Business Leader Needs To Have Today

Building an organization that can compete and succeed is one of the hardest things to do. Your education and experience will take you a good ways towards developing a world-class business. The rest must be obtained by surrounding yourself with the best people. And the best people are usually made rather than found.

The process starts by taking a person interest in developing the talents, abilities, and confidence of the individuals who are part of your company. Coaching your colleagues is the best way to help them live up to your true potential. But in order to do this you must acquire the skills and competence to be a good coach.

Live Your Mark is a course run by Executive Coach International. It is designed to turn business leaders into outstanding coaches. The course can be taken and its lessons applied to any situation that involves making a positive difference in the lives of others. Parents, teachers, and guidance counselors have all benefited from what they have learned in this course.

In the end, coaching is about bringing out the best in people. Most companies run various training programs and have established performance review systems to evaluate and enhance employee proficiency. But human beings are much too complicated to be molded and shaped by abstract personnel systems. The strengths and weaknesses, knowledge and interests, hopes and concerns, successes and failures, goals and setbacks of each individual must be dealt with in all its complexity. A good coach knows how to handle such matters, and does so in such a way that motivates and drives the persons in their charge to strive for more.

Employing driven and self-motivated people is increasingly becoming a necessity in modern business. The nature of work is such that executives must depend on the persons they supervise to be proactive in how they do their job. Going through the Live Your Mark Coaching Skills Training & Certification will show you how to develop your people so that they understand their value to the organization and are better able to put it to use. The course is grounded in the latest findings of psychology, sociology, and management science. It will enable you to act not only as a responsible caretaker of your company’s financial and material resources, but also a leader, advisor, and inspirational figure to the people who work for you.

Coaching has come quite a long way over the past twenty years or so. The leaders at Executive Coach International have mastered the best practices in the field and each is a practitioner. You will not find a better assembly of expertise and insight into this complicated field of leadership and management science.

If you are determined to succeed as a business leader, then now is the time to take a decisive step in ensuring your future. The Live Your Mark Coaching Skills Training & Certification will help you build your confidence and ability as an organizational coach. You will be able to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your peers and subordinates.

Live Your Mark Coaching Skills Training & Certification is an excellent way to build a robust and effective organization. For more information please visit our website.


Steps on how to become a loan broker

The need for people to seek for and obtain loans is increasing strikingly. In fact, a larger part of the world’s population have various needs to be attended to; but only few go into obtaining loans, while a fewer portion of those that go into obtaining loans acquire the loans successfully. I’m sure you might have heard about loan brokers, but if you have not heard of it or come across it, let us then proceed to knowing what the two words mean.

A loan broker is nobody but someone who connects people in need of loans to companies or lenders that can/will provide the loans to them. Due to the fact that loan brokers arrange loans for people, one can see them as a link between borrowers and lenders. An example of loan brokers is lane maklaren.

The banking industry serve a lot of purposes, and among the purposes is the business of lending loans to loan seekers. People think that loan seekers are those that want to buy one property or the other, but that is wrong; some loans’ seekers are those corporations and companies that want to expand their businesses or projects, and also develop new projects.

Due to the high increase in the rate at which people seek for and obtain loans, a lot of individuals are now into the business of serving as loan brokers. Lane maklaren is a well known loan broker is Sweden which did not just come into existence in a twinkle of an eye; there were steps before its existence come in place. I have included some steps on how one can become a commercial loan broker; just be patient and read further.

Step one

In every business initialization, the first step is often not an easy one because of the things it comprises. In starting up the business of being a loan broker, you don’t just rush into it without any form of preparation and you will need to have at least the basic knowledge and experience needed to operate as a loan broker. For sure you are not going to start up what you know nothing about no matter how easy the business may appear to be; and being a loan broker is never an easy business. For knowledge and experience acquisition in finance, business, and banking industry, you can work in a financial institution.

Step two

After acquiring the basic and needed knowledge and experience before going into the business of being a loan broker, the next thing to do is to carry out some investigations. These investigations will comprise of knowing what it takes to operate legally in your state and if you will need any license to operate as a commercial loan broker in your state. Under this step, you will need to get a nice and comfortable location for your office, and obtain the necessary licenses to operate as a loan broker, if after your investigations you discover there are licenses you need.

Step three

This is the last step in my list and whenever a prospective loan broker reaches this step, then he or she is at the edge of kicking off the business. After finding the location for your business and getting the licenses if there are any, the next thing is to put every other thing in place. After your business has been set up, your next move is to start building a network of lenders inside the banking industries. You can build the network of lenders with banks, credit unions, or private lenders. As time progresses, ensure your customers are satisfied with your services; it will enable your business thrive higher.


Guide to Invest Your Money into Franchising

If you have decided to invest your money into franchising, than there are a few things to consider when choosing the right company. Although most of the time these businesses are well thought-out, there are things that may not be so clear, and it is important to define these areas before getting started. From the amount of capital needed, to the overall support you can count on, these are areas that may make or break your business success.

Expected Franchise Fees and Additional Expenses

When buying a franchise you have to know what you are getting once you sign the paperwork. Some companies offer the brand itself, and all investment into furnishing your location is up to you. Other businesses have interior, as well as marketing and branding materials included in their franchise fees. After paying the initial amount for stepping into the business brand, it is important to know what other percentage the company expects from the profits. Once you put this on paper, and still feel it is the choice for you, do a background check and see how the company is doing over the years. Statistics and numbers are really going to show the success of any brand. Although it may not sound like much, but marketing materials as well as designs are also very important aspects. If the company offers all branding materials ready-made, there are no expensive design fees as well as hidden costs that may pull a whole lot of your capital that you didn’t expect initially. Knowing what you will get will make you more aware of what profits to expect.

Grey Zones That Can Cause You to Flop

Franchises that are well organized and see-through are great to invest in.  Options like Ben & Florentine Franchises for sale are not only great because of their amazing service team that is at-hand any time of day, but also because they provide you everything and makes all the things very clear before getting into the franchise model, and all of the expectations are clearly visible. Each side you and their offices work together as a team in order to make your particular franchise better. If they see you are having troubles, they will make extra efforts to help where is needed, what else needed?  There are no grey zones where people are left asking questions, all uncertain things will be addressed in a prompt manner.


Saving Money When Printing Advertising

There are free advertising tools online that can be used to reach out to thousands or even millions of people. The only problem is that even if these ads are seen by these people from around the world, they are not necessarily the right people who would probably buy what you have to offer. This is true especially for many small businesses like yours. Therefore, you still need to use traditional marketing tools. Flyers, posters and banners are still effective.

This might be a bit costly, but it is fine. After all, you can hit your target audience. You want the locals to see what you have to offer. Thus, a personalized flyer is more effective than a generic online ad that might interest no one. The good news though is that you can get cheaper printing services provided that you partner with the right printing companies.

Print in bulk

You might have this notion that when you ask a company to print more flyers, you would have to spend more money. Technically, it is correct. However, you need to take a closer look at how much you could probably save. When you print 1,000 flyers for instance, you might be charged around 500 pounds. You might then think that 2,000 flyers would cost twice as much. The truth is that you might be charged just 750 pounds, or even cheaper. It depends on the promotion given by the company. Therefore, if you keep printing more flyers, you will save more money.

Stay loyal to the printing company

Once you have found the right printing company, you need to partner with them for the long term. Whether you want go for flyer printing or brochure printing, you should go back to them for the next job. There are companies offering loyalty discounts. Besides, you already feel comfortable partnering with them. You might even have a great relationship with the graphic designer. Working smoothly with every new plan won’t be a difficult thing.

Avoid mistakes

Picture this; you have checked the brochure and it ended up with a minor or even major problem. You’ve already had 500 copies printed and you need to pause printing. You can’t use the ones that have been printed due to the errors, but you have to pay for them. This is why you need to double check all the details before deciding to have the final version printed. Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. You can’t afford repeating the process and ending up spending more money.

When it comes to printing advertising, you can count on eazy print to give you the most affordable price.


Essential Points to Consider for Your Next Banner Advertising Campaign

Have you ever wondered why big name brands pay for those humungous banners on the side of buildings? Or sponsors emblazon their names across banner backdrops at red carpet events and press conferences? It’s because it works.

It’s one of the oldest and most effective methods of promoting your brand and business. It’s tried and tested and delivers results. Should you be considering a banner advertising campaign for your business?

You may not have the budget or the brand to warrant a banner the size of a skyscraper, but according to banner specialists, the basic principals still apply no matter the size of your business. Here are the top things to consider when it comes to deploying a banner marketing campaign to promote your business.

  1. Location

Different locations work for different types of businesses – so it’s essential to give some careful thought as to where your potential customers are likely to be. For example, a roadside banner 500m before a turn off where a roadside diner is located is a logical choice. In a pedestrian zone where there are a lot of passers-by, a tall banner positioned outside your café or retail shop will attract lots of attention.  Think location first, and then design your banner with that environment in mind.

  1. Environment

Is the environment where you intend to position your banner open and exposed? Is it in a busy shopping precinct? What will make your banner stand out and catch the attention of people passing? Size plays a big role here. It needs to be big enough to stand out and not be lost against the background. Whether it should be horizontal or vertical will also be critical. Horizontal banners work well above the head height of pedestrians – or at eye level for drivers if positioned at the side of the road.

  1. Colour scheme

While you may have a colour scheme already associated with your business – your corporate colours and logo – you need to consider if this will translate well to the location and environment where the banner will be situated.

It’s sometimes easy to overlook the background of where your banner will be placed only to find out too late that it doesn’t really stand out enough or as you had hoped. If necessary adjust your regular colour scheme to take this into account.

If you plan on using a large scale banner – especially outdoors – then you need to make sure that any text and images are sharp and crystal clear. Find a high quality banner printing company which can advise you on graphic resolution and text fonts which will give your banner a truly professional appearance and make it stand out from the crowd.

Small Business,

Securing New Clients At Corporate Events

Being a senior business executive or maybe even business owner means you’re probably required to meet with clients on a regular basis. And when it’s their business you’re trying to win, it’s likely that both the organisation and financial requirements are your responsibility. This means corporate events are something you need to get right. Corporate events that win success usually deliver more than just talk of business benefits, they impress clients by your ability to hold the event at an impressive venue with a fine spread.

Not all client meetings are related to winning new business. Some are held just to keep face, and when socialising is on the agenda to make sure your relationships remain healthy – both professional and personal – you need to make sure you and your clients have some fine dining to dive into. Being a beautiful beach tourist resort, Brighton is a commonly used destination for client meetings. If you’re looking for Brighton-based corporate caterers, Red Anywhere have the expertise to accommodate all catering requirements.

Different Ways To Impress Clients

Even if the main purpose of the event is to subtly win your potential client’s business, clients or guests will no doubt be expecting a high-quality spread of some sort, whether it’s custom menus by professional chefs, exquisite buffets or a selection of unique cocktails.

  • Bespoke menus to impress clients – Corporate events, especially when it means potentially winning big business, are something you’re unlikely to stick to a very small budget to entertain. Important clients that could provide a small fortune to your business will definitely be impressed by a custom menu, designed by a professional chef which is worthy of a high-end restaurant.
  • A buffet to socialise – Custom menus, bespoke and designed especially for individual clients, are sure to impress. But, depending on who you’re entertaining and how well you know them, a professionally prepared buffet could be a great way to bond. If you throw a full spread, you’ll convey a business owner who’s already achieved success, and who’s not aren’t afraid to pull out all the stops to build a connection with a new client.
  • Add a little alcohol to spice up the event – Offering a potential client who could add tremendous value to your business a large glass of lager is probably unlikely to reflect professionalism. However, as the event progresses, unique cocktails which are enjoyed for their flavour could be a great way to round off the day.

Corporate events sound boring to those who don’t think of inventive ways to make them exciting. Business is serious, and benefits for all parties involved are the necessary outcome from corporate events. However, making them successful doesn’t necessarily just require the usual corporate jargon spiel, they can be enhanced by including a few luxuries into the meeting. Fine dining, formal occasion made cocktails and expert chefs provided by an expert catering company could help you secure a new client.


The Benefits Of Going On A Business Training Course

Ensuring that your business is running smoothly and effectively is vital and you will need to ensure that your management team knows what they are doing if you want to be successful. Whatever sector you specialise in, your business will need to be managed by a strong team who know how to make decisions, understand how to communicate and who are able to make judgements based on what is best for your company.

All of these skills can be taught on a business training course and you can send staff at all levels on a course like this or just concentrate on training your senior management team. You can find management training courses offered by experienced trainers in any big UK city such as London and any good training company will also be able to provide you with help to organise things like visas and accommodation.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to sending your staff on a training course and below is a summary of some of them:

  • Your staff can refresh their skills
  • They can learn new skills
  • It is a good way to boost their morale
  • They will improve their knowledge, which will help them to better run your business
  • They will learn how to communicate better
  • They will feel valued as an employee
  • They can learn how to be more assertive

Ensuring that your staff feel valued is vital if you want to them to really care about your business and run it like it is their own and sending them on a training course is a good way to invest in your employees to show them they are important to your business.

New Skills

Whether you want your staff to learn new skills or you want them to refresh their current skillset, you can send them on a course that will help them to understand what they should be doing on a daily basis. Maybe you want them to sharpen their communication skills or perhaps you would like them to be more assertive or understand how to motivate their team better.

Personalised Courses

If you like the idea of sending your staff on a training programme but you can’t find one that you think they will really benefit from, then why not create a bespoke course for them to attend?

Any good training company will be able to set up a personalised course for you and you can do this by doing the following:

  • Get advice from the training company
  • Talk to your staff to find out what they want to learn about
  • Think about what you want them to learn

By talking to your employees, getting advice from the training company and using your own intuition about what needs to be improved within your business – you will be able to create a bespoke training package that your employees will really benefit from.


Sure-Fire Tips To Optimize Membership Management And Drive Customer Retention

For any business providing products or services, finding the right audience, targeting, and driving more and more customers would be among the top priorities. When the customer makes the first purchase, it is important to retain that customer for future. But most of the time, businesses fail to maintain customer relationship. Give them a reason to come back to you!

However, smart businesses understand the real value of customer retention and focus on improving their online membership management strategies and provide members with unique online experience. Instead of following the old, traditional tricks that provide less attractive results, today, the tech-savvy users expect a flawless and enjoyable online experience and if you are not able to meet their requirements, your business reputation and member retention is sure to suffer.

After a deep research into online marketing in the industry with an organization’s point of view, we’ve explored some tactics to optimize your membership management software to let your customers stay with you:

Your website resembles your brand: Most of the visitors find your site as the first and the best source of information. So ensure that your site is browser compatible with most emphasis on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Remember, a well-designed, structured and professional site generates a winning experience for members.

If your website appears poorly maintained, visitors may loose confidence in your organization. is a leading name providing you business solutions designed specifically to meet your business needs. Today’s generation is digitally savvy and expect features that allow the members make purchase, provide feedback and pay renewals. Make sure your website offers member portals for better online experience.

Most of the Consumers use Mobile Devices to access the Web: According to an online survey, 2013-14 was the year when it was seen that the mobile exceeded PC usage for the first time in US. To stay with the trends you need to ensure that your business flows flawlessly on various mobile devices and tablets.

Today most of the operations like membership renewals, purchasing products etc, are carried  out on mobile phones and tablets. So, there’s a great emphasis on  mobile browsers rather than desktop browsers. Users expect your site to be advanced with the latest technologies. It is critical but your website needs to be flexible and mobile-friendly to meet the user’s needs or they would turn to your competitors.

Develop a Strong Back-end with Latest Technologies: Your website needs a perfectly designed back-end system to effectively run the front-end functionalities. Often, there arrives compatibility issues that leads your customers to lose access to your site. In such cases, your site needs to communicate with the back-end of your site (Association Management Software). To meet the expected needs and offer the best user experience possible, use the latest technologies and upgrade your AMS.

Utilize your AMS to gather data and take measurable decisions to make necessary updates. Track the web activity of your customers for : What they Search? What do they buy? How often they visit your site? When does the peak activity occur? And on the basis of this information, you can design and implement strategies to deliver more to your customers. Yes, also identify the right time to provide value-added services to members so that they can benefit and you make a wise use of your offers.

Additionally, use your AMS intelligently to track information and to look at broader metrics and act accordingly.

Offer your members the best online experience to prevent losing members due to poorly designed digital strategy. Implement these tips and optimize your site to deliver the greatest value to your members to cultivate better appreciation for your organization and it’s offerings.


Hiring a Shipping Provider: Factors to Consider

Hiring the right shipping provider is essential to the profitability and size of your business. You may have noticed that many online businesses now provide shipping options to customers all over the globe. Shipping may be completely free to certain countries, while a small premium might be charged by the company for sending products to other countries. Either way, it is essential for business owners to be careful when hiring different shipping providers.

If the company doesn’t handle the products with care or fails to deliver them on time consistently, your business will be adversely affected. Customers will stop ordering, and you will begin to see a bunch of complaints and negative reviews about your business all over the Web. Hiring the right sea freight services provider is essential to the longevity and profitability of your company. Here are just a few of the many factors that you should consider before you sign a contract with any shipping company.


The first thing you need to check is the company’s shipping rates. Nobody wants to overpay for shipping. Take a look at the company’s price list and then make a decision about whether it’s affordable for you. Many businesses often factor the cost of shipping into the price of their goods, thus offering ‘free shipping’ to their customers. It’s not really free, per se.

One very important step that most business owners fail to consider is negotiation. Many shipping companies are more than willing to negotiate with business owners that can offer consistent business. If you are going to be shipping products exclusively with a particular company, the freight service provider will often be more than happy to offer you a significant discount. Negotiation is extremely important if you want to maximise your business’ profitability. Try to whittle down the rates to the lowest possible amount in order to maintain the highest level of profitability. It is important that you get quotes from several different shipping providers before coming to a decision.

Pallet Delivery

Many businesses do not ship parcels one by one. If your company has branches in other parts of the globe, you will likely require pallet delivery services. A pallet is a wooden foundation on which goods are kept and secured using shrink or stretch wrap. A pallet makes movement and handling considerably easy, since forklifts can simply slide underneath in order to lift up the whole pallet, along with the unit load on top, to move it from one place to another.

Talk to the company’s customer services manager and ask for information about the company’s product handling, shipping insurance and other information, such as making shipping arrangements for picking up the goods from your company’s warehouse and delivering them to another country. Also, before you start shipping large loads with the company, you should ideally send a smaller load first in order to see whether the goods arrive on time and are delivered carefully by the company.