Affordable Home Heating Oil


If you’ve recently moved home into a property which has home heating oil you may be wondering what type of oil you are supposed to put into the tank. Thankfully, the issue is a quite straightforward choice between two products:-

  1. Kerosene
  2. Gas Oil

With kerosene, it can sometimes be a little confusing trying to figure out the exact oil type you’ll need. Kerosene is also known as Jet A1 kero, standard kero, 28 second oil or more generally, home heating oil. The vast majority of modern heating systems tend to use kerosene to fire oil boilers. If you operate a range cooker, then you might want to find out more about Kero plus, a cleaner burning version of the standard product.

Kerosene and gas oil

There’s no doubt about it, kerosene heating oil is the most competitive product out there. This probably explains why kerosene is a very popular form of domestic heating oil in Ireland especially when it is used so much in oil-fired boilers and cookers. With that in mind order your heating oil from Emo if you live in Dublin. This recommended heating oil supplier has a reputation for providing their clients with a top quality product at the right price with a fast delivery time. Check out an easy to use and accurate instant quote system that allows you to view the prices of kerosene, including delivery directly to your home. To place an order all you have to do is:-

  1. Select your preferred delivery option
  2. Complete a secure check out process

There’s also the option of placing an order for and buying gas oil from specialist suppliers. Some households and commercial customers use gas oil to heat their homes and businesses. This type of oil can also be used for non-road vehicles. Gas oil is an alternative to kerosene as a home or business heating fuel. In Ireland it is dyed green to differentiate it from diesel.

Speak to a friendly adviser

If you’re not too sure where to place an order for and buy kerosene or heating oil, speak to a friendly online adviser. Chat live so you can find out more about:-

  • The many benefits of home heating oil
  • Home heating oil prices
  • Planned delivery
  • Direct debit payments
  • Nationwide delivery

Planned deliveries are a great idea. Reliable heating oil suppliers measure the daily temperature and your average usage so they can calculate when you are running low. Your tank will be filled up with great value for money 900 litres and your usage monitored until you need another fill. You won’t have to worry about running out and you won’t need any reminders either.

As with any kind of heating source, the weather can play a part in usage. Daily climate changes will also determine when you receive a delivery. When you are part of a planned delivery service, your tank will be topped up when you need it most.

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