Are You Seeking Work in the Oil and Gas Field?

If you are seeking work in the oil and gas field, you simply cannot look online and send CVs out to various job sites. You need to contact a specialist who will help you develop a CV that will get noticed by oil or gas company executives. If you don’t have this type of support, you will find that looking for a job can become difficult.

Work with Someone Who Will Take an Interest in Your Job Search

That is why you need to count on recruitment companies in Thailand that understand your job search needs. You cannot embark on a job search without this type of guarantee. Before you begin your search in earnest, you need to contact a representative that handles job matches for employee candidates and employers. That way, you can be assured that you can reach the direct source for finding a job in your field of expertise.

Obtain the Job of Your Dreams – Begin Today

By working with a recruiter that knows the needs of employers in the oil and gas field, you can determine what skills you may still have to obtain to get the job of your dreams. You can also see if you can become an intern at a company first, before you embark on a full-fledged career.

Enjoy More Employment Options

You simply have more options open to you in Thailand if you work with a recruiter that understands why you are looking for a job and can share your qualifications with the right employer. The same recruiter will also ask the employer what he or she is looking for in a candidate. If the recruiter feels you need to add something to your CV or present yourself in another way, he or she can lend you their expertise.

Get Direct Details From an Employment Specialist

Why should you try to figure out what an employer likes or dislikes when you can refer to a recruiter to get the information you need along these lines? Why should you waste your time sending out CVs that will not be looked at by companies when you can go to a direct source – someone who will make sure that your CV or resume gets read and gets noticed?

Feel Better About Your Job Prospects

By taking this stance, you can feel better about your job prospects overall. You don’t want to feel like you are sitting out on a limb and feel unsure about how to proceed with your job search. You should have an active game plan in place so employers in Thailand can find you and talk to you. You can only do this when you work with a recruiter who intimately understands the needs and job requirements in your chosen career field.

By taking a proactive stance in your job search in Thailand, you can find the job you want in less time and learn how to present yourself more professionally. Don’t take any chances in this respect. Contact a recruiter today who will help you proceed personally and professionally.




Gifts are excellent when it is distributed among the people who are in the workplace. The working employee gets all the rewards by accepting the love and affection shown by the fellow employee in the corporate sector. A couple of thing work well for you if you are awarded great gift prizes. Corporate gifts can be anything which exactly represents the way the corporate wanted to reward the employees. Gifts are memorable and priceless to offer. In order to give it working employee a convenient gift business organization often brings all their marketing concepts into a successful one. It gives them a chance to let employee feel the responsibility and notice how much love and affection corporate do to their working staffs. In order to get the right kind of gifts hampers, organization settle for top quality rather than expensive items. An apart from this, the employee is the backbone of any successful organization. Their strong personality both on the field and off field works well to the business enterprise.

 Gifts true meaning and gesture

  When anyone opts for gifts they mean to highlights the employee work and give a possible gift and will wish to entrain them hugely. A couple of reason why gifting is should be your top focus.  When you offer gifts to the people boosts the self-personality and makes them competitive throughout their outing in a business enterprise. Corporate gifts are naturally gifted and worked exceedingly well in long terms process. As a presenter, you can empower the corporate stage by actually being there and feel the real-time passion and glory of receiving the prestigious awards. Therefore it makes sense that corporate gifts are everyone favourite and most customer-friendly gifts to speak off. Nevertheless, attractive prizes along with rewards of workmanship both encouraged the people to work even more in the workplace.

 How to ensure the value of weaning quality t shirts

  The employee is able to know that their hard work will be appreciated and the best way to gift someone is to offer them quality printed t-shirts. Wearing these sorts of dresses will highlight the requirement within the corporate sector. More and more corporate want to unleash the power of gifting in a new age world of business.  The employee is received the gifts or clothes as highly as custom sized t –shirts. They will accept the prize and are upbeat the chances to do more impact on company future goals.


Whether it is in corporate firm or to some extent within the office workplace organization chooses some gifts to reward its employees and make them present on the ideal day of their life. It is an incredible feeling to receive the prestigious awards and gifts on behalf of business enterprise.

Injection Molding
Small Business,

Trust the Right Company for All of Your Injection Molding Needs

The injection molding process is used for a variety of tools, accessories, and many other products, and although it is not necessarily a complex process, it does take a certain amount of expertise and knowledge if the job is going to be done correctly. Like other notable countries, Thailand has companies that offer this service and can make almost anything, including Lego parts, window frames, and even different types of pipes. These companies usually have a dozen or more different injection molding machines, enabling them to provide you with a final product that meets all of your specifications and requirements.

When a business owner in Thailand comes to an injection molding company, they usually have specific needs because this is what their business requires to be successful. The injection molding companies in this area usually offer both standard and custom-made products, and whether you need electronic, automotive, or home appliance products, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll be able to provide it to you every time. They work closely with all of their customers so that you get what you need, providing you with great peace of mind every time.

Very Skilled Technicians Are Why It Works

Naturally, these companies have very experienced technicians to do the work, so you can count on high-quality, reliable products every time you work with them. Companies that offer top-notch plastic injection molding in Thailand have equipment that is ISO-9001:2015-certified, as well as certified by ISO/TS 16949. This means that you can trust them to handle the job, regardless of what it entails, presenting you with the perfect product in the end. This process is used to make a variety of plastic products, from chairs and pitchers to buckets and hats, as well as hundreds of other parts and accessories for various industries and businesses.

Working Closely with All of Their Customers

One of the reasons these companies work closely with all of their customers is because they know your requirements will be different than the next business’s requirements, and they always work very hard to make sure you get what you need. They have technologically advanced equipment and tools that guarantee a job well done every time, and they even get help from the most up-to-date software programs that help them do an even more exact job with each project. After all, if their products don’t produce the results you’re looking for, they won’t be happy with those results, either, which is yet another reason why they consider your success to be their own.

Working with the right injection molding company means you’ll have one less thing to worry about while you’re running your business, and each item you can scratch off of that to-do list is one less aspect of the job that can wreak havoc on your life. If you rely on high-quality, long-lasting parts to conduct your business, these injection molding companies will make sure you get it. They can provide additional information on their products and services, and they’ll even give you a free quote if you need it, which can help you budget better for the job at hand.

Loan Against Property

What Are The Factors One Should Consider While Availing A Loan Against Property?

Today, you can conveniently meet various big-budget financial requirements via a loan against property. It gives you access to a large amount of funds without liquidating assets you own. All you need to do is mortgage your residential property, commercial property, land or any immovable property to avail this loan at low loan against property interest rates.

However, along with the fact that it comes with benefits like affordable loan against property interest rates, a few factors need consideration. So, before you secure this high-value finance, make sure you are well-informed about the market scenario and the factors that affect your financial capacity after you avail this loan.

Factors To Consider While Availing Loan Against Property

1.Loan Amount To Be Sanctioned

Loan against property, a type of mortgage loan, can be availed by both self-employed as well as salaried individuals. While the former can get a maximum of up to Rs. 3.5 Crore as a loan against property in India, the latter can avail this loan up to Rs. 1 Crore.

However, the maximum of this loan one will be eligible to avail depends on the mortgaged property’s valuation. Lenders calculate this amount in the form of Loan to Value ratio or LTV. It can be defined as the percentage of loan a person is eligible to avail based on the current market value of his/her existing property.

In India, this value can range anywhere between 50% and 75% of the property’s market value. It is arrived at after considering factors like the property’s age, its geographical stability, infrastructure, etc.

It is best to go to lenders who offer the maximum LTV for a loan against property. It increases the chances of availing a significant amount against mortgaged property.

2.Availability Of Repayment Tenure

While loan against property is a long term credit option, its repayment tenure may vary from one lender to another. It is advisable to go with the longest tenure as it minimises the burden of the monthly payment in the form of EMI. Longer tenure means repayable amount gets divided for a longer duration, thus reducing EMIs. From the available lenders, you may sort the ones that offer a period of up to 20 years or so. Also, if you have available funds in lump sum anytime during the tenure, you may choose to part-prepay the loan or foreclose it altogether, thus reducing the cost further.

Next comes the consideration for a loan against property interest rate.

3.The Applicable Rate Of Interest

Rate of interest is another primary concern to be pondered on. Loan against the property being a secured loan carries a lower risk for the lender. Hence, its cost of borrowing that a person has to pay is low too. Comparatively, if you avail other loans like personal or business loan, you will have to pay more in the form of interest.

Nevertheless, the interest rate charged by borrowers may differ. In that case, you need to choose the one whose loan against property interest rate is the lowest.

Lenders like Bajaj Finserv offer a Loan Against Property with an affordable rate of interest, which are the lowest in the market.

4.Quick Processing Of Application And Loan Disbursal

Situations like medical emergencies require immediate funding of large amount. At such times, loan against property comes to the rescue with its large pool of funds. Here, however, what you need to see is whether the lender you are availing this loan from offers immediate approval and quick disbursal or not. Some of the best who do so also require you to meet minimum loan against property eligibility. Apart from these, you must also consider things to avoid when availing a loan against property to ensure you get the best deal. One can also use the loan against property calculator for calculation purpose.

Additionally, some lending institutions like Bajaj Finserv provide quick and easy finance in the form of pre-approved offer. These offers are available on secured loans like home loans as well as unsecured loans like personal loans and business loans along with many other financial products.

Consider these offers along with the factors mentioned above to zero in on the best property loan. Apply for it and submit loan against property documents required. Make sure you know how loan against property is processed to increase your chances of the immediate approval.


Here is How to Start Investing in Real Estate

If you have been looking to diversify your investments lately, the tried and tested real estate option may just be ideal. With the impending launch of India’s first Real Estate Investment Trust (RIET) and a revival of demand among low and mid-income buyers, the stars seem to be in perfect alignment.

Further, projects like GKRS Palacio spurs the demand for a luxurious lifestyle at not so premium pricing. On the policy level, the introduction of RERA and generous interest rate subsidies, under the aegis of the ambitious Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, are expected to put India on course of making affordable housing for all a reality by 2022.

To get you started in real estate investing, here is a checklist of some key points to consider:

-> Long term perspective

Like the equity market, real estate is also subjected to cycles of growth and decline. It takes its cue from the prevailing economic and political conditions such as inflation, disposable income levels, institutional investment or even regulatory changes. You need a medium to long term investment horizon of a minimum of 5 years to succeed in the real estate market.

-> Research the property

Before you begin searching for your ideal property, you need to develop a keen understanding of market behaviour to identify new market niches where property can be purchased at cheaper rates, such as under construction ones. Follow up on your online research by attending real estate investor forums and property exhibitions to network extensively with both sellers and buyers.

From checking the builder’s history to verifying land title, real estate investing requires a lot of research. You can leverage the data-backed insights provided by several property data analytics firms to determine the future prospects of the property you want to invest in.

Choose accredited developers that hold the latest quality certifications such as ISO 9001. This will put you at ease in terms of construction quality, timely possession and value appreciation.

-> Talk to existing homeowners

There is no substitute to getting first-hand information from existing buyers about a project. Despite the assurances of the developer, you’d need an independent third-party perspective on incidental expenses such as parking and society formation charges, etc.

They can also give you inputs about the number of vacant flats in the project which can help you negotiate the final selling price with the developer.

-> Calculate your finances

Repair and maintenance costs can erode your rental earnings. In the absence of personal funds or business finance, availing a home loan is ideal. RIET’s also offer a good financing alternative for investors.

If a house for sale in Hyderabad has been on your radar for a while and the cost has been a barrier, you can opt for home Loans to meet your diverse home financing requirements. Cities like Hyderabad are poised for a good growth in property prices and you can gain the first mover’s advantage.

You can consider home loan by Bajaj Finserv Homes & Loans to raise funds of up to Rs. 10 crore. It comes with flexible tenor and convenient repay options. Additionally, you can get exclusive benefits, such as property-search assistance, doorstep services, and top-up loans etc, with these home loans.


Why to Choose Pursue Wealth for Mortgage Advice?

Are you finding a firm which gives the MORTGAGE ADVICE & BROKING? If yes, then don’t go away from the Pursue Wealth. This company has a team of qualified and educated agents in their team who knows how to help their clients and provide their clients with a hassle-free experience. The agent will assign you, and you will start finding your home. First, you have to tell the vision of your house and budget to the agent so that they will collect the entire necessary information. Once the agent gets the information which they want to get, then they will start searching for your house and find the house which is best for your lifestyle.

Why Choose to Pursue Wealth?

  • Investment: If you are looking for the platform where you can invest the money for the better returns, then you can take the advice or help from the professional agent of the Pursue Wealth. The agent of this firm first make the strategic plan for you, so you can invest the money in the right platform, which helps you in getting a better result in the money investing. Taking help from the professional before you invest the money will save your time and money from investing the money in the wrong platform.
  • Estate Planning: In the Pursue Wealth, you will also get the help for the estate planning if you are looking for buying the land or house for you. Their agents are highly educated and qualified, which make a plan or great strategy which helps you in buying the right home and land at a very affordable price. The agents will help you in searching for the right land or home for you, which is best suited for you. This firm is best for taking help for the estate, and you can also do estate planning with the agents of this firm.
  • Retirement Plan: By taking help from the Pursue Wealth for retirement, then it will make your future more secure. Their retirement plans are good for you, so you don’t have to face any issue. It is good for you at the age of your 60s, and you don’t have to need any help from another person. If you take the retirement plan of the Pursue Wealth, then it very beneficial for you at the time of your 60s. This company is best for your future, and you can live your present fully enjoyable.
  • Budget Planning: If you need a house for you, but facing the issue of budget, then take help from the Pursue Wealth Company. This company also helps you in making a plan on a budget which helps you in buying the house without facing any issue of the budget. Having the plan of the budget will also help you with many others like buying the house, land, and many other lifestyle things. If you have a budget plan, then you will not face the financial issue or crisis in your life.
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What are the pallet trucks and their benefits in warehouses?

What are the pallet trucks?

Several warehouses and stocks rooms need to transport pallets from one area to another inside the premise, and for this one need to use a pallet truck or a pallet fork. A pallet truck is basically equipment which has two tapered forks in front of it and there is a pump handle to maneuver the movement. The forks in front are first slid under the pallet that is to be moved and then the handle is used to lift and then it is taken to another place and again the fork is lowered and the pallets are placed.  

Types of pallet trucks

There are one of the essential equipment when it comes to moving the pallets. They also come a large number of types depending on their size, the usage, and user-friendliness. Some of the common types of pallet trucks found in are:

  • Mini pallet trucks
  • High lift pallet trucks
  • Rough terrain pallet trucks
  • Low profile pallet trucks
  • Long fork pallet trucks
  • Galvanised pallet trucks
  • Electric pallet trucks

Advantages of pallet trucks

Some of the benefits of using pallet trucks in the warehouses and inventories are discussed below:

  • Accessories: most of the pallet trucks come with their accessories which can make one’s usage and efficiency even higher and better. They usually tend to have weighing scales attached to them and also many electronic ones have small printers to print the weight of the pallet.
  • Better efficiency: organizing and arranging goods in a warehouse is something that tends to take up a lot of time. But with pallet trucks, this task has become highly efficient and cost-effective as well.
  • Small: much lifting equipment that is used in warehouses can be big and can take up a lot of space, but the same is not the case with palter jacks. They are small and can be handled easily without much space and also they are very safe to be handled.
  • High lift: today one can find many high lift pallet trucks, which are highly capable of organizing pallets on the higher shelves. They are also helpful while unloading or loading or pallets from vans and trucks which are usually higher in height.

Safety: these pallet trucks are small and handy means anyone can push them or can electrically handle them in small spaces. They have also reduced the number if warehouse injuries which can be a big problem otherwise for the workers.

How to Convert Video Formats to Publish on a Website

How to Convert Video Formats to Publish on a Website

If you are producing video content that you intend to publish on your website, you need to make sure it is in the right format so that it can be displayed without any issues. That format is not necessarily the same as the one that your video camera will use to encode the videos that you record – which is why you will may need to convert the format.

“What Format is Best?”

The first thing you need to do is determine the video format that is required to publish videos on your website. While there are several options, the ‘best’ one really depends on the way in which you plan to publish the videos:

  • Upload and embed from online video platforms

Arguably the most popular way to publish videos on a website is to upload the file to an online video platform and then embed it from there. If you go down that route, you should check the recommended encoding settings for the platform you want to use.

For example if you upload and embed videos from YouTube you should follow their recommended upload encoding settings. The format used in those settings is MP4 with H.264.

  • Self-host and publish HTML5 videos

Another option is to self-host the video files and publish them as HTML5 videos. While this gives you more control, it is also more complicated as you need to take into account the compatibility of the video format as well as its bandwidth usage.

In most cases MP4 with H.264 is used to publish HTML5 videos as it is universally compatible with browsers. However at times other versions of videos are created in WebM with VP8 or VP9 to optimize bandwidth usage in browsers that support them.

From that it should be clear that is things stand the ‘best’ format for publishing videos on a website in most cases is MP4 with H.264 – and for the most part it is the format you’ll want to convert your videos to.

Converting Video Formats

Now that you know how to choose the right format, the next step is simple: Just convert your video to it.

Nowadays there are lots of software available to convert video formats, and you can easily look for one that fits your requirements. Most will be able to convert to MP4 with H.264, so you shouldn’t have any issues on that front.

Instead of downloading and installing software however, you could use a web-based converter. It may be more convenient to convert short clips, and you can even convert them on mobile devices right after recording them. To see how easy it is you can visit


By making sure your videos are in the right format before you upload and publish them, you’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle. More importantly you’ll be able to ensure that your videos are displayed properly and viewers have no issues when they want to watch them on your website.


Toyota Glanza Official Website Goes Live Ahead of Launch

Toyota’s Glanza, the upcoming premium hatchback and its dedicated website have gone live. Glanza is the primary version of Toyota, however, it is similar to Maruti Suzuki Baleno and will launch officially on 6th June. The major difference from Baleno is the hatchback designed with subtle styling changes. The front view will showcase the restyled headlamps, redesigned bumper, and a unique grille.

Even with the superficial changes, the rear view will be similar to Baleno style. Toyota will announce Glanza as the top brand with their alloy wheels, front, rear and among others. Also, the interior changes were superficial.  Glanza is available in both V and G grades.


The new Toyota Glanza uses A11 to differentiate from regular Baleno which changes their look different by receiving cosmetic upgrades. The hatchback will receive new paint schemes, alloy wheels with a new set, revised rear and front bumper, and Toyota’s grille. The cabin is also unchanged to expect the few things like gearknob, steering wheel, seats with different upholstery, and new paint color scheme.

Also check Jaguar Cars in India.

This hatchback has a steering wheel with multi-functional, automatic Air conditioning, Android auto support, and Apple CarPlay with a touchscreen infotainment system. The additional safety features are rear parking sensors, dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and other standards.

Engine & Transmission

As per the report, Toyota Glanza was sold with the two engine options. From the launch, both engines are BS6-compliant. They introduce Glanza with mid-hybrid technology of 1.2-litre K12C Dual-Jet engine. This system features with start-stop improved system and torque assist function.

It has 5-speed gearbox manually that product 90 BHP and torque of 113 NM. Additional engine K12B with 1.2-litre delivers a torque of 113 NM and 83 BHP. It also has a 5-speed manual with the CVT gearbox. As standard, the 5-speed gearbox which is manual will perform the transmission duties. The petrol motor can use the optional automatic CVT transmission.


The competitors like Maruti Baleno, Hyundai Elite i20, or Volkswagen Polo offers the same set of features provided by the Toyota Glanza compact system.

Toyota Glanza Mileage

Almost everything that is shared with Maruti’s Baleno including the engine and mileage numbers are quite equivalent. Toyota Glanza’s return mileage is 23.87kmpl.

Braking and Safety

For sure, the great safety specifications can be expected in Toyota Glanza. This model will offer multiple possible features like 6 airbags in total, all wheels consist of disc brakes, Electronic safety program, and ABS with EBD. The crash test norms to be proved by their build quality strength, which could better forecast on this model.

Another offer about the brake energy regeneration system is even under deceleration the lithium-ion battery recharge itself. This type of engine will be offered by Toyota Glanza which will increment the diesel engine by 1.3-litre.


We would like to inform that no one has received an official word about the Toyota Glanza’s pricing, but it could be somewhat more when compared to Baleno. But the estimated ex-showroom price for Toyota Glanza might be between Rs 7.2 Lakhs to Rs 9.1 Lakhs. The higher prices were justified because of its warranty, Toyota provides 3 years or 1 Lakh Kms.


A comparison of social media listening to social monitoring

A tricky piece of advice about brand management is that it is difficult to achieve but easy to lose. People are not taking a step back when it comes to perceptions of their brand. At the drop of a hat they vent their frustration on the social media channels. This lays considerable importance to reputation management in schools. A staggering piece of statistics is that nearly 86 % of customers are influenced by negative reviews of a product as far as their purchase decision evolves. Once you pay attention to what is being said about your product, you can adopt timely action before things go out of hand.

Social monitoring and listening can equip you with business intelligence so as to manage and protect the reputation of your brand.

In the urbanizing world of today the number of internet users is on the definite rise. This assumes that you really pay attention to the concerns of your customers and active response is necessary before it goes on to become a pain point. For this reason social media monitoring hospitals assumes reasonable importance.

The social media efforts would be doing a great job on the surface but this is not going to be leading to real success. Let us understand the reasons why chatter assumes to be really important

  • Online feedback will help you to analyse on how customers perceive your goods or services
  • Among customers brand advocates can be found who go on to provide positive feedback about a product leading to a positive impression about your brand
  • Lead generation is made possible when you are able to establish a connection between your old and new customers
  • It is possible to establish audience engagement and feedback is possible be it positive or negative.

How social listening and social monitoring can help you as a brand?

It has been said that social listening would help you to collect information from the data that is available through social monitoring. By the information collected you can devise an online strategy about how to strategize various other actions of your business tool.  The moment negative vibes emerge about your customer service; most of them are going to specify the reasons behind this. The reasons could be rude behaviour or a late response to some query. This is going to help you out on how to chalk out a plan to alter the procedures of your customer service department.

Social monitoring would also help you to specify future needs of marketing. It is easy to figure out the reach your brand has on social media and how users are going to perceive your brand or service. This would enable you to perceive future marketing strategies and designs.

To conclude business intelligence along with social monitoring are literally both sides of the same coin. You need to gain vital insights into the behaviour of your customer in real time so as to work upon a reasonable online reputation without having to spend in a lot of money.