Monetize with Merchandise How to Make a Profit with Promotional Goods


Are you looking for another way to stimulate business and encourage your customers to spend more? Or maybe you’re interested in fundraising solutions to raise money for your church or school? When used correctly, promotional goods have the power to gain new customers, build brand awareness and ultimately increase profits with a variety of different applications in many industries.


When it comes to fundraising, promotional goods can be extremely valuable. Custom-imprinted fundraising gifts can help establish credibility with consumers and can even encourage individuals to attend your fundraising events. Organizations can also build brand awareness and gain additional support by gifting custom products like ceramic mugs and tote bags to ongoing supporters or by selling them online. Fundraising merchandise can also offer your company, school, church or political group vital exposure that will eventually result in name recognition.

Employee Motivation

Productive employees are a large aspect of a company’s profitability. Promotional goods can help keep employees motivated and remind them that they are valued and appreciated. Internal competitions with custom-printed prizes not only provides business owners with the opportunity to promote their business, but it also keeps the work culture fun and exciting. Plus, cool tech gifts like these custom bass headphones, a Cyclone Bluetooth speaker or this handy remote phone finder are more motivating than just a pat on the back.

Trade Shows and Events

The main goal at a trade show or large event is likely to attract attention, spread the word about your services and gain customers. Using promotional goods effectively at these events can do wonders. Instead of just handing out logo-printed pens, hand out custom pens with your logo AND a call to action such as Liking your company on Facebook or calling for a quote. It’s also important to know your audience and choose your promotional goods accordingly. If you expect mostly millennials to attend a trade show, make sure to stock up on swag like tablet power bars, selfie sticks or custom headphones.

Free Gifts with Purchase

Everyone loves a free gift. Reward your customers for making a purchase or spending a certain amount by giving them a gift in return. As a result, shoppers will feel like they’re getting an exclusive deal, they’ll have more of an incentive to buy and your brand loyalty will improve. When you’re choosing promotional goods to give away with a purchase, make sure your free gift enhances and reinforces the purchase being made. For example, if a customer buys a shoulder bag or briefcase, follow it up with a free memo book or padfolio.


Promotional goods are some of the most effective advertising tools because they stick around forever and have a lasting impact. According to a study by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 76.2 per cent of consumers who received a promotional product could remember the specific product, the advertiser and the message. Additionally, of the participants surveyed, 91 per cent had at least one promotional good in their kitchen, 74 per cent had at least one in their workspace and 55 per cent had one in storage. 


Bloggers with large followings can earn additional money by selling relevant branded merchandise online. Let’s pretend you’re a well-known fitness blogger. Investing in branded promotional goods that your readers will find both appealing and useful would provide another avenue of business growth for your blog. Consider selling custom sports bottles, grocery totes, earbuds and sports bags on your blog and give your loyal readers another opportunity to support you.

Fan Merch

Just as the MLB uses promotional goods to entice fans to the ballpark, loyal fans of bands, dance troupes and theatre companies will load up on swag to not only express their support for the groups they love but to also satisfy a certain culture that they want to fit into. Selling promotional products during halftime or in a gift shop located in a highly trafficked area like a lobby can grow profits considerably.

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