How Does Alcohol Affect You Driving Abilities


Alcohol is considered as one of the biggest causes of traffic accidents. The effects that alcohol has on every organism depends on the amount of alcohol entered in the body. Note that even the smallest amount of alcohol in your blood weakens the ability to drive. Your reflexes won’t be that good anymore.

And not to mention the negative effects it has when you enter it in bigger quantities.  Even professional drivers should not operate the vehicle if they have alcohol in their blood. This doesn’t make you better than the rest and you the right to act like alcohol does not have an effect on your skills. It should be noted that increased alcohol concentration in the blood can even cause problems with the sight, which is one of the reasons why many traffic accidents occur.
Alcohol has the ability to dissolve very quickly in the body and then after that it quickly enters into the bloodstream through which it is being transmitted to other parts of the body and affect the change of functions essential for driving. To those of you who think that small amount of alcohol is not harmful, pay attention to these facts and next time you will definitely want to reconsider.
Some people, especially young people, have a desire to overcome their capabilities, to be a better, stronger, to achieve greater speed. And they think that alcohol can help them rely and achieve greater speed than allowed, just to prove to other people that you are better than them. Do you really think that this is an appropriate behavior? Of course, not. In this situation, they do not look at the pedestrians, feel more powerful and their contacts with the other participants become sloppy. Under the influence of alcohol people can only get a reduced ability of judgment, criticism, decreased attention and ability to perceive events around them.

Alcohol is a neurotoxin,Céline Dostaler Ottawa which initially leads to excitement and then to paralysis of the central nervous system. Alcohol affects primarily the brain, gums, lungs, arms, liver, legs, causing pain in the stomach, kidneys etc.

The human brain is a very complex structure, and the most sensitive part of the organism to various harmful influences. Alcohol intake reduces the reasoning, skills, critical thinking, and emotions (resentment, pain, fatigue). The most important effects of alcohol are a range of disorders in perception, reaction and other mental functions. Depending on the amount of ingested alcohol and ways of drinking it, there is a list of conditions ranging from barely noticeable to severe acute poisoning, which leads to heart failure and respiratory organs.
The cerebellum is particularly sensitive to alcohol, in which the center of gravity is located. Therefore, it is characteristic of a drunken man not to be able to maintain the coordination of movements.
Alcohol acts on the peripheral nerves, especially the nerve on the hands and feet, which are the most important for drivers.

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