Aircrafts And Variants As Discussed By Scott Beale Aviation Enthusiast


Aviation is an industry, which has setup a revolution since last century by shrinking the travel time across the globe incredibly lower. During the late 19th Century, the time taken for a ship to navigate from England to Australia took almost 40 days to complete the voyage. Since the aviation industry came to existence, the travel time shrunk almost 1/20 of the time taken by ships to ferry the same distance. It barely takes 16 hours on a modern day plane to reach Sydney from London, a feat that many might not have even dreamt of seeing years back.

Ever since the advent of aircrafts, it has seen unimaginable types of changes and modern modifications. Safety in aircrafts were one time an issue so was the navigable distance keeping fuel consumption in mind was lesser in the early 40’s. Today, thanks to competitive and improved technologies, flying has become incredibly easier and a lot safer than those times.

Scott Beale Aviation Expert discusses the Aircraft Types:

Here are some of the popular modern aircrafts discussed in Scott Beale Aviation , which has revolutionized flying like no other as follows,

  • 737 from Boeing: This is considered as the narrow body, short to medium-ranged airliners ruling the skies of the modern world. This is an aircraft with modern amenities and is focused on serving low cost carrier type aviation industry. The aircraft contains winglets which are available in all modern day upgraded 737 aircrafts. 737 aircrafts have received enormous response and the research team from its parent production company, Boeing has developed numerous variants of 737 like 737-300, 737-800, 737-900ER and more recently they have announced in production of an ultra-new variant of 737 MAX. The winglets in these aircrafts ensure better fuel consumption and saves up to 5.5 % of the previous models.
  • 787 Dreamliner: Boeing’s most popular 787 aircrafthas revolutionized the aviation industry like no other. The aircraft is a mid-sized wide body, long haul twin jet liner, which has an unrivaled focus on passenger comfort and serving long hauled destination by being the most fuel efficient jet liner in the market today.The aircraft can carry up to 240 passengers in a typical configuration. The variants of 787 includes 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10 aircrafts. All these variants have difference ranging from seating configuration and performance based on its fuselage and load capacity. For an instance a 787-10 has a shorter range set up to 11,910 km range while its previous model 787-9 has a range of a whopping 14,140 km. But the difference lies in the length of the plane and the extra seating compromises for 787-10. Even after flying over 10,000 km the aircraft is efficient.

Aircrafts from different manufacturers have different purpose and models of operation. The common factors however in these aircrafts is to shrink traveling time across the globe, unbelievably low. Scott Beale aviation lover hopes for flights with newer technology in the future will ensure even safer and quicker travel across the world by masses.

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