9 Cool Promotional Items That Will Attract Attention for Your Outdoorsy Brand


Have you recently signed your company to attend some trade events and shows? If so, then you need to prepare something eye-catching and attention-grabbing for your brand if you want to attract your target customers to your table. There is fierce competition at trade events and shows, and simply posting a large sign, and pinning your hopes on a good sales pitch and your outgoing personality isn’t going to help you out anymore.

Your target audience at the trade show is going to have a lot of different choices available to them, so why should they come and stand at your table? The best way to get the attention of your audience is through promotional items, but you shouldn’t be offering basic promotional stuff. You want to offer the audience something that makes your brand stand out from your competition.

If you’ve got an outdoorsy brand and are fretting about what type of promotional items to offer your target audience, you have come to the right place. This article will show you the coolest promotional items that are guaranteed to attract attention or your outdoorsy brand.

1. Drawstring Bags

Your target audience is outdoorsy, which means that whether they are hiking, biking, or camping they’ll be taking a lot of things and supplies with them. This is where drawstring bags come into the picture since they are perfect for carrying lightweight supplies. These bags will also draw the attention of others who aren’t into outdoor activities since these bags are perfect for family days at the zoo or at the amusement park as well.

2. Campfire Mugs

You must have a lot of fond camping memories with your family, but you’re not the only one. Nearly 77 million households in America have at least 1 person that camps occasionally, and this number is only going to grow, as more millennials are now interested in exploring the great outdoors. You can attract the attention of your customer by giving them something they can use. Campfire mugs are a great promotional item for outdoorsy brands since it shows your customers that you understand them. It also shows that your brand has knowledge about camping products, which will increase the likelihood of customers choosing your brand.

3. Bug Spray

You may think that bug spray is a tricky product to place as a promotional item, but, it’s not, since you won’t manage to enjoy nature without it. You’re going to encounter bugs when you go camping or hiking outdoors, and you don’t want to be itching throughout your whole trip from bug bites. Bug spray is the obvious solution and is a product most people forget to buy or take with them on their trips.

You’ll attract a lot of attention by offering it as a promotional item, and anyone that regularly camps or hikes is going to stop by your table and talk with you.

4. Waterproof Phone Pouch

Your target audience loves the outdoors, but this doesn’t mean they won’t love technology as well. People that go camping nowadays are looking for ways to get phone access and Wi-Fi, which is why they are taking their phones with them. They may want to take Instagram-worthy pictures of sunsets or hop on to Google for cooking recipes. However, they’ll also want to protect their phones from the elements, and a waterproof phone pouch is perfect for this.

It will not only protect the phone from the rain but also ensure that it is safe even if it falls into a puddle. Offering such a product will make your brand appear modern and unique, as customers will know that you know how to integrate modern technology with outdoor activities.

5. Reusable Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is important for those that spend a lot of time outdoors, and reusable water bottles are the perfect item to grab the attention of those who spend time outside. This product will not only help decrease the number of plastic water bottles but will also help them stay hydrated.

Reusable water bottles are a cool promotional item that will attract a large crowd since anyone that goes camping or hiking is going to want one.

6. Lanterns

Flashlights are one of the best promotional items as they show off the outdoorsy side of your brand. However, if you want to stand out, from your competition you can go one step better you should offer promotional lanterns to your audience. This product will grab the attention of those that are serious about going camping and those are the sort of people you want to introduce your brand to.

7. Portable Grills

One of the best promotional items you can offer to people that love spending time outdoors is portable grills, which allow for some amazing cooking when camping outdoors. Most people believe that the ideal camping experience is cooking over the fire, but most people struggle with building a fire and don’t want to wait forever for their food to cook.

These people end up bringing portable grills with them to the campsite, which makes them their job easier and more enjoyable. Offering a portable grill as a promotional item is sure to turn a lot of heads and you’ll be out doing your competition as well.

8. Lip Balm

Nature-lovers don’t let anything stop them from enjoying the outdoors, and that includes the winter season. If your target audience loves going on winter backpacking trips, love to ski, drive snowmobiles, or snowboard, they’ll need a select type of products. One thing that is important in winter is lip balm, as the cold, dry winter air can easily damage and chap lips. So, consider offering this promotional item to your target audience, and watch as they scramble to your table.

9. Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor enthusiast you’re trying to target, everyone that spends time outdoors can benefit from sunscreen. Most people forget about sunburn during winters, since they assume it’s going to be cold outside. However, it’s proven that snow and ice tend to reflect 80% of UV rays that reach the ground. Offering sunscreen as a promotional item will help attract a lot of people that spend time outdoors.

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