4 wheeler insurance claim: 4 Scenarios and the process of Claim


Having a car is a huge responsibility which is why insurance is mandatory for every vehicle. However, not many are aware of how to apply for the claim when it is needed. Here are four scenarios where a claim needs to be made and how to make it easily.

Motor insurance has always been one of the essential documents to have when you own a vehicle. With cars being the most popular form of transport in the country, car insurance is mandatory for everyone who owns it. Car insurance helps save and cover costs in case of an accident and injury that might or might not have been caused by you.

Four-wheeler insurance normally comes with policies that cover you in the case of an accident where you are injured or if you have to pay someone else for causing them harm. Claiming this insurance is not as difficult as it might look:

  • Own damage

In case you have been injured, or your car has been damaged due to an accident, you do not have to worry about the expenses. This is why car insurance is important. The first thing to do when applying for a claim on 4 wheeler insurance is to call your insurance company as soon as the accident occurs. This will enable them to send a surveyor to come along and check the damage when the police arrive too.

Remember, you cannot remove the car from the accident spot without the approval from the police and the insurance surveyor! After you send the car for repairs, you can either get an estimate or forward the same to the insurer for a pay-out or the insurance company will directly pay the repair shop for the charges incurred.

  • Theft claim

While it is common to check the coverage for damage and personal claims, people tend to overlook the theft claim. When it comes to theft of your four wheeler, you need to inform the police, file an FIR and inform your insurance company immediately.

Make sure that you read the claim documents carefully and keep the necessary paperwork ready along with the claim form fully filled, in case you are unable to get your vehicle back.

Many car insurance companies request for your vehicle’s original keys when submitting the form so don’t be surprised!

  • Third Party claim

In case you cause an accident, it is imperative that you cover the costs of the party that you harmed. In this case, your insurance company and the police should be involved in the procedure, and the third party’s injury and damage expenses should be covered by your Insurance Company.

3A. If you are the third party

If you have been injured and face damages due to a third party, you definitely need to be compensated for the same. To file a claim, you simply need to take down their insurance details and call their insurer and inform them about the accident. Do not forget to file a FIR with the police as well!

  • Voluntary Deductibles

If you are looking to split the amount to pay for your four-wheeler, this will help to reduce your premiums as well. So if you increase your deductibles, you can easily apply for a partial insurance claim in case of any accident and split the bill with the car insurance company.

Four wheeler insurance is no joke, and it definitely shouldn’t be treated as one. Having the right knowledge about them and the way to claim your insurance when needed will surely save you a lot of money in the long run.

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