It’s becoming increasingly clear, as science and technology make new advances in the field of medicine and the far-reaching consequences of some of our everyday actions are further explored in the scientific world, that good health is the most precious resource a person can have at their disposal. This is why these days, group health plans are considered by many conscientious workers to be just as important a part of a new job as a salary. Whether or not your company offers a health plan – and what the benefits and parameters of that plan are – should be at the top of your list of concerns, especially if you haven’t looked into your health plan program or changed your coverage in a long time. Plans that incorporate life insurance coverage, short and long term disability benefits, and income assistance should a critical or debilitating illness arise and security for life-altering events are the kinds that will lure promising and forward-thinking new recruits to your company, as well as convincing your best workers to stay. You want to attract a staff that is able to plan well for the future, and you want that staff to stay healthy and safe; a group health plan from a place like the First Financial Group in Toronto can help you ensure all of these things.

The more benefits there are bundled into your plan, the more confident its members (AKA your employees) are likely to be in their long-term financial security and healthcare management. Plans that offering insurance products that also encourage members to save money such as annuities will foster the longevity and loyalty of your staff members while helping them to feel assured in their sound financial planning for the future. There are several different kinds of group health insurance plans on the market and available to you, but one thing they all have in common is that they reduce financial risk or burden when something unforeseen occurs.

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In terms of the most valued (and valuable) benefits a group plan can confer upon its members, healthcare is at the top of the list. This benefit often impacts a worker’s quality of life because it dictates the places they can go for medical procedures, deductibles, co-pays and more. Most importantly, it encourages your employees to make proactive choices when it comes to their healthcare. When employees are not afraid to seek treatment or diagnosis for a health-related issue, they will feel happier and healthier, and productivity as well as workplace morale will stay high.

Although life insurance may not be a topic frequently discussed at the water cooler alongside more casual topics, most if not all of your employees understand it is a wise investment, especially for those with families that have small children or other dependents. It is a financial vehicle that kicks in when needed most. A group health insurance plan doesn’t only provide your employees with the peace of mind they need to go about their jobs productively and effectively – it also gives you the security and satisfaction of knowing that your employees are happy and healthy at work.

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