Why you should use LED signs


Whether you are looking for open signs that helps in highlighting the fact that your store is open for business, or you are on the hunt of searching for electronic boards for advertisement and message display, the LED signs can dramatically change the landscape. More and more companies are using the LED signs because it is more appealing and captures the attention of their customers. While previously, the neon signs were first choice for many businesses, the LED boards serve as a great alternative and come with vibrant lighting and various colors along with affordability.

With the LED lights saving attraction and appearing to be attractive, there are numerous benefits that LED lights bring to you.

Bright and vibrant

The businesses were inclined towards using the neon lights in the past. It was due to the glow that these signs provided along with the color choice. However, this was achievable only with certain gasses or neon and certain cities started banning it.

Then the LED lights were offered as an alternative and they were notable for the brilliant colors which are bright and vibrant. Even if you turn it on in daylight, they would be seen whereas the neon will blend into it, making the sign ineffective.

Energy efficiency

Energy consumption had been a problem with the sign industry but with the persuasion of the use of LED lights the issue has started to reduce to a great extent. The LED requires less energy to glow brightly and companies can use them without the fear that they will consume a lot of energy and add up to their power and electricity bills. Also, the amount of heat generated by LED is far less than the other type of lights. According to stats, these bulbs consume 75% less energy as compared to other options around.

Long lasting

When we talk about businesses getting open signs, they wish that the sign would last for a long time. No shop looks forward to replacing its sign every now and then which is why it needs to stay lit and perform appropriately. The LEDs tend to come with a long lifespan, especially when compared to the neon and fluorescent bulbs. Stats suggest that these bulbs can stay lit 25 times longer than the incandescent lights. Also, the fact that there aren’t any risks of neon leakage, the lights are unlikely to go dim.

Lightweight build

The neon signs are build heavy and thick as compared to the LED signs. Therefore, the former require a lot of space and are bulky, which is not many businesses want with their signs. However, at the other end of the spectrum, you have the LED signs with limited tubes and thin size, offering the owners to acquire bold and bright signs that are lightweight, easy to lift, and simple to set up.


The LED signs are highly versatile and the matter of fact that they are on electronic boards means that you have a chance to animate them. Also, they can change colors and fade and flash as you display various messages on a single board. Compared to the neon sign, that only provide flashing lights, the LED signs are versatile and can be used for displaying simple messages to advertising and promotional content.

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