Why you need expert support for a startup in Spain?


If you’re new to Spain or you’re planning to have your own company, you’d need expert help to guide you. If you partner with Henry Towers you will have the best you need to channelize every aspect your company needs to run well. The experts guide you to ensure that you’re safe legally, financially and help you develop.

One of the biggest concerns about starting up in a new country is not having all the facts clear. There can be several business aspects that you miss out on – you can also sign up for wrong things that land you in legal suits. Taking suggestions from experts who can support you ensures seamless growth.

How can experts help you startup in Spain?

As an entrepreneur, you’d know the importance of manpower that helps you get things done. Collaborating with experts lets you take care of managerial aspects and puts things in the right direction. Some of the ways you can ask for expert help includes:

  1. Starting up

If you’re an EU citizen, it will be easy for you to get formalities to register your company. If you come to abroad, you need a valid visa, work permit, and some more legal documents. The experts tell you what you need and how you need to go about them to start your business in a proper way. Once you get these done, you can think about renting a place or buying a property, and so on.

  1. Get things rolling

The experts help you to get the people you need to accomplish the services you provide. They can give you an exact idea of how people work in Spain and who are your target customers. They will be able to tell you how to get your business accelerated and how it can earn you revenues. Being from another place, your ideologies about making profit might not be similar to everyone else.

  1. Manage salaries

The employment rate in Spain has gone up to 89% and there are eligible people in every industry to serve you. The experts help you hire the right people and manage their salaries according to how the industry works. You get a clearer idea about what to expect from the employees you hire and what they want in return.

  1. Social security

Since you’re new to Spain, you will not know the valid social security options that you can avail. It will differ according to your citizenship and also on professional grounds. Experts will be able to give you a complete idea of the social security you can claim depending upon who you are and what you do. Knowing all about this from the right people can secure you to a huge extent.

  1. Contractual conditions

You need to be specific about the contractual conditions you offer people or sign up for. These have to be according to the country’s norms and legally agreed to. These are again critical aspects that you don’t expect to completely know if you don’t take expert help.

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