Why Work In The Retail Industry?


If you are looking for a secure career working in retail is a great choice. It is an industry that has far more to offer than many people realise. Here we look at some of the benefits of working in this industry.

Plenty of Work

In the UK there are hundreds of thousands of retail outlets, all of whom need staff. Every day hundreds of retail jobs are posted on specialist retail job boards, like the one at retailchoice.com. Once you have a year or so of experience and a good reference or two finding work within the industry is quite easy. If you do not mind a short commute, you will rarely find yourself going for long without work.

The Chance to Progress and Good Working Conditions.

When people think of retail they tend to think of stacking shelves and sitting on the till. However, those who work in the industry will tell you that there are far more roles available than those. A lot of the work in a retail store goes on in the background and there are roles for IT specialists, secretaries, HR managers and many others. The majority of large food retail outlets employ their own fully trained butchers, fishmongers and other professionals. A person can start work on the shop floor and end up leaving with a highly transferable skill.

If you work hard you can progress quickly in a retail environment and end up as a manager. Once that happens the wages are very good, the work is quite secure and many large companies offer a good package of benefits. Even at the lowest levels many retailers offer hourly rates that are actually above the minimum wage.

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There is also the opportunity to take on roles away from the shop floor. Once someone has shop floor experience they can consider taking another direction and working in head office, logistics or in another aspect of the business.

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