Want to File a Personal Injury Case in Washington State? Here’s What to Expect


The personal injury claim process can take time and is complex. Usually, filing a claim can be your first experience dealing with the civil court system. It is important to understand this process to know what to expect and the possible way to settle your case. In general, if you want to file a personal injury claim, you must find the right personal injury attorney to take your case until a successful resolution is achieved. 

Choosing the Best Lawyer

When you pick a personal injury attorney, find one you think will fight for you. Litigation on personal injury cases is different from other kinds of law. You must find an attorney who has successful experience in handling personal injury cases such as yours. 

A lot of lawyers provide a free consultation, so you can talk to them about your case without paying anything upfront. The attorney may give a contingency fee arrangement where they only get paid when they successfully get compensation for you. 

Investigating Your Injury Case

Once you have a case, it needs to be reviewed and investigated to get evidence that can support your claim. Your attorney will review your medical records and police reports, examine previous accident claims, if available, interview witnesses, as well as get medical expert opinions.  

Case investigation will help determine the responsible parties that should be held accountable for your injuries. An accident can involve several parties, especially when it involves a commercial truck. In this case, the truck driver, trucking company, parts manufacturer, truck repair company, and truck manufacturer may be held accountable for your losses. 

Making Demands and Negotiating

Your lawyer may demand a compensation amount and negotiate with the insurance provider of the at-fault party before they file your case in court. This is a better option when you have a small claim. But, if you sustained serious injuries and losses, your case may not be settled between them. Often, it will require court intervention. But, the decision to settle or not depends on you. 

Filing an Injury Lawsuit

Your court case must be filed within a specific timeframe. In the state of Washington, you have three years from the time you got the injury to do it. First, you must file a complaint that contains the general factors of your case and the basis for recovering damages. This complaint will be served to the at-fault party who should file an answer to it. Once these formalities are made, the discovery process begins. This process involves every party exchanging information and investigating the case further. 

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