Walter Viola- Business Communication Skills For Company Growth


Entrepreneurs of small businesses need to communicate most of the time in order to conduct their activities and grab lucrative contract. They usually go out of their way to ensure their organizations impress potential investors and attract the public to buy the products they are offering to sell them. They even go to the extent to encouraging people with exceptional talents, qualifications, skills and abilities to join their workforce. To achieve their objective, these business persons need to ensure they get their core message through to their stake holders. They also have to inspire their workforce to put their best foot forward when it comes to transforming their innovative ideas into cost-effective products they can introduce in the market.

Walter Viola – What skills entrepreneurs need master to become effective communicators?

Financial experts say entrepreneurs need to master the following important communication skills if they are going to make their mark in the marketplace:

  1. Writing skills

The electronic mail(email) has been successful in reintroducing the importance of the written word. From the contents they load on their business websites to the updates on their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, potential customers judge entrepreneurs by their writing skills. When these businesspersons sent an email with numerous grammatical mistakes and sentence construction errors, it creates a bad impression in the minds of people reading it. They can even lose an opportunity to sell their products or services to potential clients.

  1. Speaking Skills

People with exceptional leaderships skills need to be good orators. Enterprising individuals who enter the field to entrepreneurship need to learn, inspire and motivate those around to them to strive to accomplish tasks others consider to be impossible. Walter Viola says even entrepreneurs who establish start-up concerns need to transform their ideas into unique and cost-effective products even with an average workforce. This implies going out of their way to understand what drive their employees to put their best foot forward and communicating a message which is critical to their success.

  1. Listening

Most businesspersons do not take this communication skill very serious. However, they need to realize when they are trying to sell their products or services to public, they are actually offering solutions to the problems of their potential clients. Listening involves trying to apprehend the issues people in the marketplace have regarding what they need and offering feasible solutions to such problems.

  1. Body language

Entrepreneurs need to realize that body language is the most powerful form of non-verbal communication. This implies doing certain things without having to utter a word. Most consumers in the market place have a tendency to judge these businesspersons before they get a chance to say anything. Creating a strong stage impression goes a long way in helping them to win lucrative contracts.

Communication is a critical skill all entrepreneurs who intend to be a cut above the rest need to master. Walter Viola says it important as becoming proficient in areas such as marketing, accounting, administration, sales and business operations. It has the potential to make or break a potentially lucrative contract. This is the reason why they need to spend time and money in harnessing this skill.

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