Video Production – The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the Advertising World


If you consider the many tools at the disposal of the advertising agency, nothing comes even close to the awesome power of video. Images and text can be very persuasive, as can infographics, yet if you really want to drive home that message to your target audience, a professional video production will definitely bring the desired results. That said, there are video production companies and video production companies, and making the right choice can be the difference between mediocrity and excellence, and with that in mind, here are some of the essential ingredients to be found in a winning formula.

Striving for Excellence

For some video production companies, aiming high is the norm, and they understand that setting the bar high is the best way to achieve the desired outcome. There is, for example, an animation company in Dubai who relishes the challenge of exceeding the client’s expectations, and with an unlimited amount of creativity and flair, they are able to push the boundaries of video and animation production to new levels.

Client Immersion

Many advertising agencies will happily take a client’s brief and make of it what they can, while the very best will go one step further by immersing themselves in the client’s business, as this is the only way to really get a feel of what they are all about. There are no “off the shelf” solutions in this game, and while it might seem a little invasive, the results justify the extra attention. Good video invokes emotion, which is the key ingredient to a successful production, and often, this is lost in translation, due to a lack of attention to detail by the production company.

Results Driven Industry

While you would expect every advertising agency to have a powerful website, and one that carries a strong message, the proof of the pudding is most definitely in the eating, and their client list will give you more than a glimpse into their abilities. One would expect to see many well-known brands and multi-national corporations in their list of former projects, and this is perhaps the strongest indicator of top level results. Top companies do not make associations with mediocre marketing agencies, and any exceptional agency would soon acquire an enviable list of clients, so if you are looking for something above and beyond the norm, seek out an agency with big name clients on their books, and you are halfway there already.

Managing the Concept

It is often the case where an advertising agency takes the client’s vision and come up with a good storyboard, yet the concept gradually recedes, as the production passes through the many stages of development. The ideal situation is to have one creative producer who is there for every stage of the production, from the initial concept to the finishing edits, which ensures the video remains true to the concept, and with the flexibility to add the client’s input, nothing is set in stone, as many great ideas come during, rather than before, production begins.

One can usually feel a connection in any business environment, and when discussing your project with an advertising agency, take note of their passion, or lack of, and if the meeting invokes a level of excitement within you, it is clear you have made that essential creative connection.

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