ValueMags Cracks Down on Their Customer Relationship Management Strategies


Customer relationship management is one of the most important processes in an industry. ValueMags swears by their process and is looking to improve it in the following months by possibly integrating mass customization.

Many clients of the print magazine industry enjoy getting their magazines and having a physical copy in hand. The fault with having every thing digitally available is that it lack passion and comforting. For most daily readers, having a physical copy of a book or magazine in their hand is not replaceable which is encouraging to the ValueMags business and their future.

What would be even more encouraging and special for these hard-core and passionate readers is if the magazines they received in the mail monthly are customized. Preferable, ValueMags would like to somehow have their names printed on the magazines The issue with that is that ValueMags is supplied with magazines by their publishers which means that they are not in charge of printing them. The next barrier is that ValueMags does not have the rights to defacing the magazines with clients names when they receive the magazines.

What would need to happen for ValueMags to expand on this idea and their customer relationship management idea is that the publishing companies would have to allow ValueMags to deface their magazines when they get it in hand. Of course, there will be guidelines put in place so the magazine is not qualified as defaced. The magazine will have an addition that can draw in the client even further not only for ValueMags but the publisher too. The benefit of mass customization is loyalty for customers.

Customers will know that the company or companies involved are dedicated to their clientele and want to have them as a long-term client. More importantly, they will feel valued. Feeling valued is often aa desire found in most humans. When an individual feels desired and valued for a counterpart that has many responsibilities and others to value, they understand the given company took the time for them, and will continue to. ValueMags is dedicated to their customers and is cracking down the best ways to expand their business with innovative customer relationship management methods.

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