Use of SWPM tool in SAP


Software Provisioning Manager tool offers the execution of numerous framework provisioning errands and spreads an expansive scope of products and platforms, both on the JAVA technology and ABAP. Regardless of whether you will duplicate a SAP NetWeaver framework, you can rename a SAP Business Suite framework, or also you can easily install an independent motor, for example, SAP liveCache. You can easily deal with every one of these undertakings with Software Provisioning Manager and also it is reliable and adaptable for all the supported platforms and all with a similar look-and-believe and conduct.

In accordance with, with arrival of SL Toolset SPS 23 there are 2 different adaptations of Software Provisioning Manager accessible in the market. These are mentioned as under:

  • Software Provisioning Manager Version 1.0 and
  • Software Provisioning Manager Version 2.0

Contingent upon which SAP Software you need to provision, you can pick the correct form and version of the software provisioning manager.

Concept behind the Software Provisioning Manager

There are a few notions which led to the creation of software provisioning manager. These are mentioned as under:

  1. More Reliable and Less demanding Software Provisioning – Software Provisioning Manager is the descendant of the provisioning tools of the product and release specific delivery. It furnishes the most recent SAPinst form with software provisioning services for a few releases and products for all stages, empowering your client to benefit specifically from a la mode systems controlled by tools that are reliable and accessible and are utilized for a considerable length of time. Knowledge of these tools is an added advantage and that is why it is considered beneficial to use this tool called as software provisioning manager.
  2. Continuously the Latest Features, Coverage and Fixes of Reliable Procedures – By continually downloading the most recent rendition of Software Provisioning Manager, you naturally get support of the most recent items, platform support and versions and this is inclusive of most recent fixes in the supported processes and tools. You can utilize one variant of the tool for undertakings performed for an arrangement of variants of products in your framework.

This is a noteworthy change indeed if contrasted with the previous methodology that looked as under:

  • Get the correct tool for your platform and product
  • Apply required fixes:
    • Find out what issues must be considered before utilizing the instrument and this you can find by looking over a significant rundown of issues gave in the relating notes of SAP Notes and these are inclusive of conceivable adaptions of the installation media because of new working framework and database adaptations that are not supported by the older variants which are no longer in use.
    • Using fixes to applicable issues such as, by adjusting or supplanting documents or thinking about extraordinary techniques.

This error prone and long preparation process is currently made simpler for an ever increasing number of products with the help of Software Provisioning Manager version 1.0 which you can easily download dependably from a similar location and utilise for a few products. and SAP prescribes that you must always download the most recent Support Package of the Software Provisioning Manager, since it contains most recent revisions and is refreshed frequently – regardless of whether you have installation media accessible.

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