Tricks to encourage the people who buy from you to leave their review


When it comes to converting standard browsers into eager buyers, one hack can help prompt shoppers to drive: customer reviews.

While it might feel like you could be exposing a medium of worms, the benefits outweigh any potential concerns. For instance, one recent survey shows that 90% of people’s buying decisions are affected by online reviews which only underscore the importance of publishing the opinions of your customers.

So, how exactly do you encourage customers to leave reviews? Here, we’ll tackle the ins and outs of customer reviews, including the many benefits and how to set up a review system for your retail site.

Check out these strategies to encourage the people who buy from you to leave their review:

  1. Make It straightforward to Review Your Products Online

Include a system for reviews within your e-commerce site. You can browse different retailer’s online stores to see how they set up their reviews but consider including a star-rating system (since consumers feel that’s the most important measure).

You can include your calls to action on product pages, within your confirmation pages and emails, or in receipts and invoices. Make it easy not only to leave reviews for specific products but make the page where customers can do so easy to find.

Create automation within your point-of-sale system or email marketing tools, so customers who made a purchase receive a simple email a few weeks after product delivery that invites them to share their experience.

  1. Claim Your Business Online and on Social Platform

Customers can place reviews in more places than just your website. You want to make it easy for happy customers to write reviews when they have positive experiences with your brand. Be sure to set your business up on third-party sites that encourage positive consumer reviews.

  1. Consider What essence is in It for Your Clients

You can encourage customers to pen reviews by rewarding them for doing so. Incentivizing your shoppers this way makes sense, and it is fair, after all, it takes time and effort to write a review, so receiving some compensation for doing so is likely to add to the total positive experience they had with your product.

You can provide coupons or discount codes to motivate buyers to share their feedback publicly. Or host periodic drawings and giveaways, and choose a winner from the pool of customers who submitted reviews in a specific timeframe.

  1. Don’t Forget to Make the Ask

Remember how seven out of ten clients will leave a review as long as they’re questioned? Don’t assume your shoppers, even the most loyal among them, will take the initiative to pen a review for you.

Find unique ways to ask shoppers to write customer reviews for products they bought. You don’t just have to ask for a review. Your real ask could be worded in a variety of personable, friendly ways depending on your brand’s voice:

  • Leave feedback
  • Share your thoughts
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