Tips for Renting a Crane


Cranes are heavy-lifting machines that are used to move heavy equipment from one place to another. You may have seen cranes towering over massive structures while the workers carried out their construction obligations. They are also used for lifting bulky items from the ground and then placing them on an elevated platform several storeys high. Professionals can operate cranes to raise objects ranging in weight from anywhere between 15 tonnes all the way up to 500 tonnes. Because of the costs associated with renting a crane, most local contractors can’t afford to purchase their cranes or other lifting equipment. As a result, they usually rent the machines, including excavators, for the duration of the project. If you are in the market for renting a crane, here are a few things that you should know.

Rent from Companies That Specialise in Heavy Duty Equipment

Few companies specialise in crane hire in Perth, WA. Most of the businesses that offer such equipment for rent also provide other machinery, usually related to construction and contractor businesses. The benefit that you get for renting your heavy duty equipment directly from these companies is that they tend to offer a better rate as compared to others. Because they primarily specialise in renting out machines, these businesses streamline their prices to make them a more logical option when compared to other, smaller companies with more expensive options. Start your search by checking online for different companies that offer crane hire services in and around Perth.

Transportation Costs

One essential thing that you have to keep in mind before renting a crane from any company is the fact that they will add the transportation costs as well for delivering the crane to your destination. Depending on the distance from the company’s warehouse to the place where you want the crane, these businesses will add a transportation surcharge to the overall rental price to cover the mileage used to transport the machinery.


Insurance companies cover the cranes under a strict policy, so you will need to have a certified operator who can use these cranes. Unless you have someone with experience who knows how to work the crane, you will also have to hire a professional to operate it for you. That’s going to cost slightly more money depending upon the duration of the project.

Most people think that the base price quoted by the company is all that matters, but that is not true. Several additional surcharges will be levied on the final price as well, so you have to make a provision for that. The longer you need the crane, the more you will have to pay for renting it.


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