The Importance of Quality Content for Your Google Ranking


Google’s algorithms that determine a website’s ranking in the search results page are constantly improving. This is bad news for those marketers using black hat methods and other nasty little tricks in order to get a better ranking on Google for their sites. But, this is great news for the honest website owners who actually want to provide their visitors with quality content.

What this means is that rather than optimizing the website content so that Google will like it, you will be able to focus on no one else but your site’s visitors. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t yet reached that point. Instead, some SEO rules are still super-important in terms of website ranking.

SEO Rules That Will Never Go Away

In order to understand why keyword research is going to remain extremely important, you just need to take a look at how Google and other search engines work. In order to find what they’re looking for the users need to type certain keywords in the search box. The search engine will then tailor the results according to that specific word or a phrase.

What this means is that without using at least some keywords in your articles, you will be flying under the radar of your potential visitors. Unfortunately, fitting the keywords into text is sometimes almost impossible.

And if you can’t make it seem natural, it’s best not to use it at all. Why? Because the visitors might think of it as bad grammar and no one wants to spend time reading poorly written articles.

Understanding Bounce Rate

Stuffing your content with keywords might help you to bring visitors to your website, but it won’t make them stay there. And if they decide to leave your site too quickly, Google will interpret it as a sign that there’s something wrong with the site. Actually, there’s a term for this in the SEO community – bounce rate.

To put it simply, unless you manage to create content that the visitors will find interesting to read/watch, they will bounce back and start looking for other sites. As soon as Google realizes that, it’s going to make your website drop down in the search results.

Creating Google-Optimized Content that Has Real Value

As you can see, creating optimized content that doesn’t offer much to the readers is not a worthwhile solution. The same goes the other way. Making interesting content that’s not optimized the right way is not going to reach a big audience.

You need to do both if you want to make your website more successful. The bad news is that saying that this job is easy would be a big understatement. The fact is that not everyone can do it. The good news is that there are lots of experts who can help you with this. Sites like offer these kinds of services, so do your research and find someone to give you a helping hand!

Final Word

There’s no free lunch in the world of business. You either need to work really hard to achieve your goals or pay someone to do it for you. The final choice is yours, so make sure to think it through and make the right decision.

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