Sure-Fire Tips To Optimize Membership Management And Drive Customer Retention


For any business providing products or services, finding the right audience, targeting, and driving more and more customers would be among the top priorities. When the customer makes the first purchase, it is important to retain that customer for future. But most of the time, businesses fail to maintain customer relationship. Give them a reason to come back to you!

However, smart businesses understand the real value of customer retention and focus on improving their online membership management strategies and provide members with unique online experience. Instead of following the old, traditional tricks that provide less attractive results, today, the tech-savvy users expect a flawless and enjoyable online experience and if you are not able to meet their requirements, your business reputation and member retention is sure to suffer.

After a deep research into online marketing in the industry with an organization’s point of view, we’ve explored some tactics to optimize your membership management software to let your customers stay with you:

Your website resembles your brand: Most of the visitors find your site as the first and the best source of information. So ensure that your site is browser compatible with most emphasis on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Remember, a well-designed, structured and professional site generates a winning experience for members.

If your website appears poorly maintained, visitors may loose confidence in your organization. is a leading name providing you business solutions designed specifically to meet your business needs. Today’s generation is digitally savvy and expect features that allow the members make purchase, provide feedback and pay renewals. Make sure your website offers member portals for better online experience.

Most of the Consumers use Mobile Devices to access the Web: According to an online survey, 2013-14 was the year when it was seen that the mobile exceeded PC usage for the first time in US. To stay with the trends you need to ensure that your business flows flawlessly on various mobile devices and tablets.

Today most of the operations like membership renewals, purchasing products etc, are carried out on mobile phones and tablets. So, there’s a great emphasis on mobile browsers rather than desktop browsers. Users expect your site to be advanced with the latest technologies. It is critical but your website needs to be flexible and mobile-friendly to meet the user’s needs or they would turn to your competitors.

Develop a Strong Back-end with Latest Technologies: Your website needs a perfectly designed back-end system to effectively run the front-end functionalities. Often, there arrives compatibility issues that leads your customers to lose access to your site. In such cases, your site needs to communicate with the back-end of your site (Association Management Software). To meet the expected needs and offer the best user experience possible, use the latest technologies and upgrade your AMS.

Utilize your AMS to gather data and take measurable decisions to make necessary updates. Track the web activity of your customers for : What they Search? What do they buy? How often they visit your site? When does the peak activity occur? And on the basis of this information, you can design and implement strategies to deliver more to your customers. Yes, also identify the right time to provide value-added services to members so that they can benefit and you make a wise use of your offers.

Additionally, use your AMS intelligently to track information and to look at broader metrics and act accordingly.

Offer your members the best online experience to prevent losing members due to poorly designed digital strategy. Implement these tips and optimize your site to deliver the greatest value to your members to cultivate better appreciation for your organization and it’s offerings.

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