Steps to start a company in Dubai


Every entrepreneur must follow a set of steps before starting a company in Dubai, in order to benefit everyone to the investor, the country and consumers in general.

To determine the company’s objective and activity, the investor must determine the activity of the company that is based on the establishment, except real estate or food and other activities needed by the market in the UAE, especially Dubai.

In order to ensure the success of the company he founded, and to have customers and achieve the desire of consumers in Dubai, to achieve the goal of the investor to obtain benefits and profits from the company.

To conduct a market study and its needs, the investor should conduct a market study and the clients who will deal with the company, to identify the most important things they want in the company.

In order to provide the best service needed by the consumer, in addition to excellence in what the service offers to other companies competing to survive and achieve its goals of profits.

As well as identify the customs and traditions of customers, in order to determine what they want and refuse to deal with in companies.

To know the laws and procedures, the owner of the company must know the laws of the country and the licenses necessary to establish a company, and identify the procedures to be followed, and prohibitions as well.

This is to prevent any problems after the establishment of the company, in order to ensure its success and not to suffer any future losses.

Submit the application for the company you want to establish via the Internet, where the state provided many facilities that helped investors to establish a company by submitting an application form online.

In order to reserve the name of the company and get approved with all the conditions that apply to its incorporation, the application is approved within a week of submission.

Payment of license fees and signing of legal documents, in order to ensure the investor to establish the company that he wishes to establish in order to help start implementation and work in the company.

By obtaining a license to carry out his business, which is beneficial to the investor and helps in the employment of young people, and increase economic growth in Dubai.


Establishing companies

Establishing companies in Dubai

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